Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Still Kootenay Time...Sept 11th

Friday, Sept 11th: First, the enormity of the history of this day did not escape me. Our thoughts to all those still dealing with the aftermath of the Sept 11th attacks in the USA. Just boggles the mind, the why of it. What a huge waste, this thing of hate is.......Can't we all just get along and accept the differences in each other and rejoice in them?


We stayed close to Teagan and Shawn's today. Shawn had to work but we left for a short tour of the nearby Kaslo. Lunch time!! 


S.S. Moyie.....
S.S.Moyie is a paddle steamer sternwheeler that worked on
Kootenay Lake from 1898 until 1957.




Downtown Kaslo....




The Blue Belle outdoor patio..... 







Beautiful little houses in the town of Kaslo.
Back at the house, we hit the garden for a plum collection. Time to bring some with us and time to try dehydrating some.
A very large garden......but they only use part of it.
There are many plum trees!!

They fall on the ground as quick as you can pick them!!

The plum expert picker!!

I love this lady!!!


....and her brother Aku.
All too soon it was time to go and continue our trek eastward towards Medicine Hat and more family time.  Saturday, Sept 12th. will find us on the road again!!
Many thanks to our kids, Teagan & Shawn for a wonderful time in "the Koots"!! Love you guys!!
Thought for the Day:To change your life, you need to change your priorities.


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