Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Valley of the Ghosts....Sept 10th

Thursday, Sept 10th: We headed out for the Ghost Highway tour. It is a great drive on Hwy 31A through a big loop that circles northwest from Kaslo. It was home to many mines over 100 years ago. We stopped at the old Zincton mine. If you know where to go and where to look, these hills are full of abandoned mine shafts. We carried on and then turned slightly off the highway and into a small hamlet called Sandon. After that, we cruised through New Denver, Silverton, past Slocan Lake and turned onto Hwy 3A again and headed back towards Nelson.
What a great day trip, about 240 kms total and just breathtaking scenery. Come on along for the ride.....(oh, gas money would help please!!).

One of the old Zincton mine shafts.....


We aren't sure where this is 9.9 miles from or to?

The tour guide daughter (Teagan) pointing out the old mine sites.
Absolutely beautiful country side.....
Next up was the amazing little town of Sandon which is in the Valley of the Ghosts highway tour. So many small mining towns that sprung up 100 or more years ago. Check out the website:
Google: Sandon Power Tour - West Coast Escapes TV (on YouTube)
It is home to the longest, continuously running hydroelectric plant (since 1897!!). The other neat thing about this little spot is that they have housed some of the very old BC transit buses. The plan is to restore them all and each of the major cities in Canada will get one. Enjoy this tour.


Front of the museum.....

Doug & Teagan
(just placating me on yet another picture!)

Looking across the river to the museum



Looking back towards the town and the museum...


Small picture of Sandon in 1905. At one time back then there were approximately 8,000 people living here. 29 hotels and 29 saloons and a thriving "red light" district. Churches, etc. answered all the needs of the miners and their families.....

Last up were those random, vintage transit buses, just waiting for renovation. The question remains as to why this spot was chosen for storage??

I totally remember putting money in and riding in one of these!!
Guess that puts me on the "vintage" bus!!!



What a beautiful spot this is! We thoroughly enjoyed our time here. It is a good slice of BC history and everyone should plan on doing this loop and learning more about where we live.
Next up on the way home was a beautiful drive along the gorgeous Slocan Lake and the Slocan Valley.


Tired out yet? Okay, home again, home again, jiggedy-jig! Back to Teagan & Shawn's house!
Thought for the Day: Be who you are not who the world wants you to be...


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