Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Back in White Rock

Well, that was a bit of a whirl-wind tour, wasn't it? Too bad about the rain thing on Vancouver Island. We were really looking forward to visiting Sue & Lacey in Nanaimo and taking Euri over to the West Coast for a nice camping trip. It is bad enough to sit around in the rain when you have a substantial sized RV, with a furnace, etc., but to do it in Euri is a bit taxing. Especially since we already have done our share of cold/wet weather camping last year (who could forget the epic winter tour around the USA??)!! Anyway, that's the way it goes, right?

Here's a little tidbit from our return trip. Pretty nice weather for most of the way. It was a one day drive but a bit long at 15 hours. We drive in 2 hour shifts so neither of us ever gets too tired. Our kids always called the Hwy 1 drive to and from Medicine Hat "the long boring drive". To be fair, they were right as it is pretty arrow straight between Calgary and Medicine Hat, with a few corners that you could take at a pretty good clip 

Still, it was pretty...

Ahhh, now it gets better!!



Coming down into Field, BC

Just east of Golden. I love the way they carved through this rock
for the new highway pass, Kicking Horse Pass.
And, of course, it was great to sleep in our own bed. We did some great catching up with our little boys (oh, and their parents too!!)
After breakfast playtime with Grandpa....

I knew it would worthwhile to hang on to all those little
McDonald's kid's toys!!

OMG......isn't he adorable????

View is still here!!
The boys, riding the kids quad at Grandma Mel & Grandpa Rick's place....
(Photo courtesy of Josh & Kathy)
Our view last night....
That's it for the week so far.....time for wine!! Talk soon....
Thought for the Day: "We have less so we can do more...." (This is our motto....)


  1. Gotta love those mountains! And yes, he is adorable. I can see the two boys always being best buddies!

  2. Glad to read that you guys are still enjoying what life has to offer.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Thanks Ruth and Rick & Kathy - We are still loving things here......