Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Alberta time.....Sept 12 to 17

Saturday, Sept 12th: Since it is about 8 hours from the Kootenay's to Medicine Hat, AB., we headed out pretty early (well, for us 7:00 a.m. is early!). We got the ferry in Balfour and the ferry ride is about 40 minutes to the other side of the lake in Crawford Bay.

Our Nova Scotia friends, Paula & Jerry, taught us NEVER to pass a bakery on our travels.....Besides, this one comes highly recommended by Teagan & Shawn
and it is right at the ferry landing!!


7th in line - see it DOES pay to get up early!!


And since this is part of the highway system, it is a FREE ferry ride!!

There's Felix the Beetle, relaxing.....

Beautiful and calm Kootenay Lake... 
Once you land in Crawford Bay you can head south, towards Creston. Again, another beautiful drive. Creston is where we spent many childhood summers at my father's parent's house. Still looks pretty much the same, with the exception of some fruit trees and the white picket fence is gone. Oh, and no smell of cabbage rolls wafting out of the kitchen..... 



My best memory though is saved for my Grandpa Tamas and walking
past these grain elevators on the way up to town.
He didn't speak much English, but you always knew he loved you.
After our Creston stop, it was on through the Crowsnest pass and into Alberta. First though is the "World's Largest Truck" lunch stop in Sparwood, BC!!
Yup, it is pretty big!!
Before we knew it, (...well 8 hrs later) we were in Medicine Hat. We stayed at Diane & Brian's (Doug's sister & bro-in-law)and enjoyed lots of time visiting with family. Doug's Mom lives here as well as his brother Duane, wife Agnes and their son. Always lots to talk about! So good to see all our Alberta peeps!!
Always have to stop at the Medalta Pottery plant. Lots of history here. Check it out!


One of the old kilns that was unearthed....


Nice gift shop too....

We really like the crockery that they produce but we found there to be
a substantial price increase over the past few years.
Some of the things were just to over-priced for us. Too bad!

Medalta did a ton of water, sewer pipes and bricks over the years....

The people who made the original Medalta factory work!!!
Anyway, before we knew it, it was time to hit the road for home again. Our thanks to Diane & Brian for putting up with us and to Doug's cousin, Jack and wife, Marlene, for the great dinner on Wednesday night. It's always awesome to see lots of family but I was VERY negligent in my picture taking!!! So sorry everyone. Guess my mind really was on holidays!!!
We had been planning on a lovely Vancouver Island and Tofino jaunt but upon checking the weather now, there is a SUBSTANTIAL amount of rainfall to hit the area so we are now planning on just saving our money and staying home. No point in paying top dollar to just sit in the van for a week......dang it!! Over the years we have become experts on "stay-cations" too!! However, we will both be heading back to work a week earlier than planned. Oh well, the bank account will like that!! Still, there will be a few things to see this week. Hopefully, I can make them interesting enough to post!!
Thanks for tagging along and enjoy the next post!!
Thought for the Day:  (I have used this one before but it should never get old....) The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply...

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