Saturday, 8 August 2015

Enjoyable visit!

Remember Doug's cousin Dale, and wife Sue, were here from Ottawa area, heading out on an Alaska cruise. Well, they had a great time and said they would go back on another one anytime.

Once they were here and settled, I took them over to my old stomping grounds, North Vancouver. More specifically, Lynn Valley and the amazing Lynn Canyon Park. This park was established in 1912 and started out as 12 acres and has now grown to 617 acres. We were fortunate enough to grow up with it on our back doorstep. Please check it out at:

This swinging bridge is pretty high over the water.

We called this the "bum slide". It is never recommended for anyone to
slide down the waterfall. It churns and churns when the water goes over the falls and hits the pool, creating a whirlpool that is nearly impossible to get out of. 
There are miles of beautiful trails. They weave you through old growth forest.
Hard to believe that it is actually "second growth" forest as the first 
trees were logged in the 1920's..... 

Due to the now high traffic numbers, many of the trails have been beaten down quite a bit. The District of North Vancouver has built some boardwalks on some of the hilly sections to aid the visitors. We never had these, we just scampered up and down the trails......   


This area is the "swimming area" in what is called 30 Foot. Pretty safe for
swimming although extremely cold and clear water. 

At the top of this picture (where the water looks like it ends), there is a long
cavern that goes up quite a ways. You can swim up there or take the
easy route by going up there with an inner tube.  
I was trying to convince Sue that if she jumped in, I would follow her.
She didn't go for it!!

This is the fairly dry (at this time of year) river bed where the pools from 30 Foot empty into. The water flows down stream and crosses under the big swinging bridge we crossed.
The "photographer" getting that good shot on the rocks....

Banana slug - true North Vancouver wildlife (oh, that and bears!!)
After heading back up the trail from 30 Foot, we went right past the swinging bridge and kept heading south along the trail until we came to another bridge. We always called it the "wooden bridge". It actually crosses an area called Twin Falls.

"Follow the yellow brick road" or in this case, the wooden boardwalk....


Unfortunately, Doug was working but I loved showing off our city to our family. From Lynn Canyon, it was a quick stop at my Mom's for refreshment and then on to a great spot to view our city at Cypress Mountain look out (thanks to Bob and Danna for that idea!!). What a great vantage point. I love this city of ours!!


Thanks for the visit!!!
After a great dinner out at Crescent Beach in South Surrey at Pelagos Greek Restaurant, it was time (next day) to get them to the airport.
Yes, that was an adventure when you take a 2-1/2 year old. Started out playing with Dale at the house and then watching a dump truck dump a whole load of dirt in our lane.....
Putting the race car back together.....
Dumping that dirt in the lane.

This little guy likes to get right in the middle of things.
Can't have too many opinions on how to get those tickets out!!

Okay, I will just sit on the luggage and wait.....

Tags need to go on the bags.....

Sue and Gus pick out their plane of choice!!

Really, the only proper way to eat Miso soup is with no shirt.....

Time for just one more "touristy" picture
...and then home we went!
Thought for the Day: Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein


  1. What a beautiful hike in Lynn Canyon Park. I have never heard of it, you always hear about Capilano Bridge Park. This one looks just as beautiful and much less touristy. Glad you had such a great day with your visitors.

    1. It is an amazing spot for sure. Capilano Suspension Bridge is great too but quite a bit busier and you have to pay to go across it. "Our" park, we thought, was much nicer but then maybe we were a bit biased and it was all free!!

  2. We were most fortunate to have grown up less than a five minute walk down to the swinging bridge. This is truly, a gorgeous park.

  3. The hostess with the mostest!. Thanks Nancy for being such a fabulous tour guide. Getting back to North Van and especially Lynn Valley brought back so many warm memories. The weather was perfect; the scenery breathtaking; the hospitality of was heart-warming. And we got to spend time with so many great people: the famous Gus and Jasper and Josh and Kathy (a special thanks to Gus for seeing us off "in style"), Don and Diana (who joined us for dinner at Doug and Nancy's and then treated all of us to dinner at their place); Nancy's Mom (who is as vibrant as ever and makes a mean zucchini bread - almost as good as Nancy's banana bread!); and, of course, Nancy and Doug, who drove us, and housed us, and fed us, who entertained us and laughed with us (and even let me drive Euri). Muchos gracias amiga and amigo. Lots of love from Dale and Sue - 'Til next time ...

    1. Thanks, Dale &Sue, for your kind was so much fun to have you guys here, staying in the "inside cabin". We miss you already!!

  4. Wow, haven't been there in a long time. Nice pictures.