Sunday, 16 August 2015

Birthday and Barnston Island

A busy weekend has come and gone!! Where to start!!

First, and most importantly, it was my Mom's 82nd Birthday on Saturday. I know she will not dis-own me for telling my friends just how old she is. She is an amazing lady and is a true inspiration to everyone. We are blessed to have her in our lives (plus, she can down a mean tequila shot!!)

So Mom - even though we were with you on your special day, here is your  "official" sign.....

We love you!!!
We all gathered at Mom's place and went out to a Greek meal just up the street. Super fun time for everyone.

Gus giving Great Grandma all the "ins and outs" of an I-Phone!!
Jasper likes a good party as well!!
Lacey, Nancy & Gus

Yes, it does look like the birthday girl is now celebrating
on her own, but she wasn't!!
Gotta love these public play things in the local community square.
Apparently, Gus loves it too. It kept changing colours and tipping like a teeter totter....




Jasper is pretty happy about that keg of left-over beer for
Dad in the front seat of the stroller!!
A great evening of fun with family - just what we all love!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
On Sunday, we headed over to Barnston Island with Josh, Kathy & Gus for a bike ride. This is a small island in the middle of the Fraser River. It is primarily farmland. There are a number of speciality farms of organic nature with chickens, goats, cows and the like. What we love is the narrow road that winds all along the outer edge of the island. Very, very few times does a car come along and it is almost always just sight-seeing, like us and moving very slowly. Super safe bike riding and it has a great park for stopping and resting (along with outhouses). We really love it here. 
"Located in the Fraser River between Surrey and Pitt Meadows, Barnston Island was named in 1827 for Hudson's Bay company clerk George Barnston. The island has no direct road access to the rest of the area. It is accessed through the Barnston Island Ferry, a short 5-minute ferry route from Surrey on 104 Avenue across Parson's Channel; the ferry ride is free. Barnston Island's main road travels along the perimeter of the island. It is about 3 square miles and is about 9 kms to ride all around the outside."


Just going across this arm of the Fraser River.... 


Blackberry stop!!

Snack stop!!









There is the little "barge-ferry"


What a great, great weekend!! It's my favourite kind of time, spending time with family!! We had a marvelous time with Mom for her birthday and a spectacular time riding on Barnston Island with the kids........Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us!!

Thought for the Day: What we see depends mainly on what we look for…..J. Lubbcock



  1. Spending those special moments with family creates lasting memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We would ride around Barnston Island some years back. We no longer have bikes...
    We used to picnic at the little park and some local dogs would come visit. They would bring their own ball, and get you to throw it for them...

    Good times... Happy birthday to your Mom from us!

  3. Thanks for checking in Peter and Rick! We appreciate you both always having nice, positive things to say!!