Sunday, 29 March 2015

We've Moved!!

Sorry for the absence. This moving thing is pretty all encompassing!!
First and most important, is our blog Happy Birthday wishes for our son, Josh on his 30th birthday on Sunday. We did celebrate but things were pretty much in an upside down state so I couldn't even find my white board for the proper sign!! Sheesh!!!
Anyway Josh....We are immensely proud of you and love you!! You are a wonderful husband, friend and dad now to not one, but two beautiful boys, Gus & Jasper. What a gig you have going (right, Kathy??!!) 
Yup, even packing paper can be used for multiple things!!
We love you!!!

It has been a very busy month for us!!

Packing was done, moving truck and helpers hired and we have now arrived in White Rock. We have rented a nice suite 3 blocks above the beach. It is on a very hilly section of this part of White Rock but we will get used to it. Our move out of Nanaimo was done in the sunshine so we really appreciated that. We, perhaps, should have known that meant we were in for the monsoon on the mainland side and Mother Nature did not disappoint!! It didn't just rain, it poured all day long!!

White Rock arrival! Notice the slope??
Also, see the HUGE excavation hole across the lane!!!

....but you can see the beach out there.
Yes, it poured...all day!!
Nice to have special company at our place!!

....and our beautiful little Jasper too!!

I have mislaid my camera so we have to go with any pictures on my phone for now!! Hopefully, I will find it soon but I am now down to only 8-9 boxes left and I haven't seen it yet!!

Anyway, we are still stitching things together. But right now, the sun is pouring in the living room window and it feels good!!


Thought for the Day:  Thanks to our blogger friend, Chris Bauer.....The fact that there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers. Just sayin’.....


  1. Glad you are getting all settled in. Can't wait to see pictures of your place once you find your camera and have everything all sorted out. I am sure that view of the ocean will be beautiful once the sun is out and shinning.