Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mainland Time

We have spent this past week helping out at Josh, Kathy & Gus' house. They were redoing some countertops in their kitchen and needed some help. I helped very little with that but Gus and I had fun while the rest were busy!!

Monday: I had a great time at one of the local parks and recreation programs that Gus goes to. Take a look.....

Arts & crafts time......

Sometimes there just aren't enough sparkles in the bowl.

Block building time.....

Just how is it that Grandma wears these things anyway??

Yup, that's about right!!
A special storybook from special people in Nova Scotia....
Tuesday: While Josh & Doug got started on the countertop job, Gus & I headed off to Great Grandma Nadyne's in North Vancouver for a visit.
Showing Grandma Great how to really rock the house!!
First half of the kitchen is done!! Good job men!!
Wednesday/Thursday: The challenges of installing new laminate over existing laminate are many. Lots of hours were put into making the transition.....  
Is he stuck??
Thank goodness extra hired help has arrived!!!

Hold it....I see the problem Grandpa!!
Thank goodness for break time!!!
....and it's looking pretty damn good!! Now, just installing those last
doors and tile the backsplash!! Hey Josh, where are you?
(PS - Thanks to Mary for gently pointing out the "issue" with the taps!! All fixed!!)

Just "who" said again that you couldn't laminate
over an existing laminate countertop?? Great job!!
Time to go!!!!
Friday: So, with that job done, we were back on the ferry to Nanaimo for a short spell. See you all soon!! 
Thanks for checking in with us, even though we aren't travelling afar. We appreciate everyone taking the time for us!!
Thought for the Day: Good people bring out the good in people...


  1. Gus is just so darn cute and looks just like his Dad! Glad you had a great week with them and the kitchen counters look super.

    1. Thanks Ruth!! Always a fun time over there!!

  2. Wow! Great DIY job, and nobody is bleeding! I would be bleeding all over the place. That's what happens when I pick up a tool.

    1. Oh, there were a "slight" number of scratches but nothing major! Thanks for checking in!!

  3. Well, you know what picture was my fave.... Thanks, Nanc, for that shot. Gus is a cute as ever and the counters look super!

    1. Sorry that the picture wasn't as clear as it should have been. Guess that camera of mine is going to have to be replaced after hitting the sidewalk in Nashville!!!!