Monday, 26 January 2015

Phoenix AZ (Day 5)

Today we headed out to find the infamous "Hole-in-the-Rock" hill in Papago Park in Phoenix AZ. It is a natural geological formation made from sandstone. Pretty cool spot to come and take a look at.

You can see on these nearby hills that the holes are already forming!!
Just a few hundred years and they should have worked their way through!! 

Roadrunners at the Desert Botanical Garden parking lot.....
Nothing like seeing Doug's favourite bird "in the wilds" of a parking lot, huh?! 
Bridge leading into the gardens....


These bright green cacti are actually made of glass....

And that was the end of the botanical gardens. It was a hefty $22 each to get in and, to be honest, none of us are that much into "gardens" that we needed to drop that kind of coin. It was basically just back and around the corner to the Hole-in-the-Rock area. This was much more interesting and fun to clamour around on. 









Looking through "the hole" towards Phoenix.

We will call these "holes in the rocks in training"



Okay, so you can only take SO many pictures of a rock....we had to have some fun!!

Right, so after this it was off to Old Town Scottsdale. We all really enjoyed this area and walked about for quite some time. Included was a ride on the for Scottsdale Free Trolley.


Lots of bronze statues.....


Foot knew it had to come, sooner or later!!




You know Super Bowl must be near when
the Good Year blimp shows up!!




We stumbled upon this young gentleman glass blower. Extremely talented
young guy and what an amazing process to watch!! 


Believe it or not, this ended up being a long, purple
coloured vase with a criss-cross pattern.
And that ended our full day of exploring. We had a great time and by the time we got back to the house, it was (gasp) raining!!!!
Super fun day. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Thought for the day: The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.


  1. We will keep in mind NOT to see the botanical garden. Love the Old Town Scottsdale photos, we will have to check that out I think. So happy you are having fun.

  2. We are having a great time. Weather could be warmer but we won't complain!!