Saturday, 31 January 2015

Phoenix AZ (Day 10)

Day 9 - Let me recap our Day rained. A lot. All day in fact!! True enough, it was warmer than at home but did I mention that it rained?? Phoenix and surrounding area doesn't do rain very well either. It is built on a clay base so the rain just accumulates and takes a little while to dissipate.


Our donkey mascot wasn't very happy!!!!

We managed to busy ourselves (unfortunately) at a mall. Didn't do too much damage but time at the mall wasn't what we thought we would be doing!! However, we seem to while away the time quite easily and visiting amongst ourselves isn't too hard.

Day 10 - today, was just spent here. Finishing up laundry, cleaning the little house up a bit. It rained again, but not quite as bad as yesterday.

Day 11 - Tomorrow is travel day. Our Allegiant flight leaves here at 3:20 pm and arrives in Bellingham at about 5:40 pm (with time change).

Sorry but I have nothing else for you! Not really the way we wanted our holiday to end, but we have had a great and relaxing time. Saw lots of things and enjoyed good food, wine and mostly good company!!


Thought for the Day: People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.

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