Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fun Get-together

What a great time today. A meeting at our favourite pub with friends!! 

We were privileged to meet long-time blog readers, Peter & Shelagh. They have been following us on our blog almost since the beginning of our travels so when the opportunity finally came to connect, we all felt like we already knew each other. It is especially fun for us since, as the bloggers with folks following us, people know about us but we don't know much about them. Nice to finally meet and get to know a bit about Peter and Shelagh's lives too!! Super convenient too since they live in the Lower Mainland....

Of course, with all the chatting going on, both Shelagh and I forgot to take any pictures. I know, I couldn't believe it either!! So, here is a great photo of them in Portofino, Italy. Let's just pretend we had that pub dinner with them there, okay?!

Here's a toast to new friends!
Thanks again you two, for a very enjoyable evening! We have a feeling it won't be the last!!

Thought for the Day: Strangers are just friends we have yet to meet.


  1. We had a ball! Meeting you finally. I must get off my butt and start writing again. Let's do this again next month, we have so many things to talk about!


  2. Nice! We are looking forward to meeting them some day as well!