Friday, 24 October 2014

What's Up?

Hi everyone - We are just hanging out in New Westminster and enjoying life here on the mainland. When you start a blog about travelling and then you are not travelling for a spell it is difficult to keep writing anything that you think will interest folks. Sorry if this gets boring from time to time!!

Winter plans are still in the "planning" stage so nothing to share there, yet.....

So, for now, here is a snippet of the past week or so. Thanks for checking in everyone!!

The weather has definitely changed!!

Love the activity on this river!! I always thought that a view of the ocean
was the way to go but after spending time here, I am not so sure now!
With the dampness of fall, all kinds of things pop up!!

Then there was a bit of Gus time to wrap up the week!!
Something funny......

Ice creaming our way through McDonald's...

Yup, that's one fine week. Talk to you all later!!
Thought for the Day: There is no angry way to say "bubbles".

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