Saturday, 4 October 2014

Tryin' to keep up!

Well, before we knew it, it was time to change "venues". Our little charge from New Westminster, Maggie, went to stay with Bob & Danna's son, Christopher. She'll be in very good hands and I am sure, will be spoiled rotten!! We will see her again around October 17th when Mom is back from her cruise and we head back over to New Westminster to finish up our housesitting gig at Bob & Danna's place!!

.....I know, now do you see the reason for the title of today's blog post!!

Now......we are in North Vancouver at my Mom's place. We are here until October 17th, when she returns from her cruise with my sister-in-law extraordinaire, Carmen. Pretty sure those two will be "burning the candle at both ends" on that cruise ship!!

Mom, on her way!
No photo of departure of Carmen as she came on board after....  

But, that is her grey bag with the red strap!
I think they are discussing if they are going to put it on board!!

Okay, she is on board!! 

The tugs help to guide it away from the dock.....

Mr. (or Mrs.) Seal, hanging around waiting for falling food!!

Beautiful ship, huh?
The Grand Princess.....

Meanwhile, here is our current venue in North Vancouver:

Another nice but different view! The North Shore Mtns.....

....and out the other side.

Miss Spook, our little charge. She also runs the household!
So, Carmen did happen to send a picture of her and Mom. Looks like pretty smooth seas so far.
Alright you two, now, up to that martini bar!!
Time is a wastin'!!
That's it for us, so far, in North Vancouver!
Thought for the Day: Life is about using the whole box of crayons...Rupaul


  1. It is nice to sometimes sit back and enjoy someone else's adventures especially when they have special meaning to you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Doug and Nancy:
    You guys just need slow down! And, I would love to meet your mom someday; she's a true adventurer. It looks like the two ladies are going to have a great time on that cruise. Where are they going? Let's see, out of North Vancouver, maybe Alaska? California and / or Mexico? Love to hear news as you get it. Bon voyage, Mom!

  3. Oops - I meant you "never" slow down - you certainly don't NEED to!!!