Tuesday, 14 October 2014

As always, many thanks!!

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend here in the Lower Mainland. Weather-wise, it was supposed to be a "wash-out" due to some of the effects of a typhoon, way off shore. However, we were fortunate and it really only poured on late Sunday afternoon and evening. That was something to be thankful for!!

Super enjoyed ourselves with Josh, Kathy & Gus here for dinner and overnight. Let the good times roll......

This little guy knows how to shovel in the turkey!!

Doing some fine, colouring time with Grandpa Doug!!
Before we knew it, it was bath time!!

This one is for our favourite dentist, Dr. Sue!!
Since the kids were off work on Tuesday as well, we headed down to the Lonsdale Quay for a brief walk around. Still enjoyable down there, after all these years!
Lots of cool things here.....

What home would not be "thankful" for a set of moose pepper & salt shakers???

Green Leaf Craft Brewers are here too...



"Sometimes big whales kiss your boats not so as you'd notice..."
 Downtown Vancouver, taken from the Lonsdale Quay..... 
So, Thanksgiving has come and gone but there is much to be thankful for, always. My fantastic husband and our 37 years of marriage. Our amazing kids and grandson, Gus. They light up our lives everyday. We feel that Teagan, Shawn, Josh & Kathy are not only our "kids" but they are also our friends so for that we are extremely thankful. We have wonderful family that surrounds us. Our Moms, Helen & Nadyne. Sisters, brothers, their spouses, our friends. You are all there for us. We thank you all!! We are very lucky indeed.
It's a good life.....thanks.
Thought for the Day: "How do you spell love" asked Piglet. "You don't spell it, you feel it" said Pooh.


  1. Looks like a very nice day!

    1. Thanks Cindi and welcome to the blog!! We have just checked your blog and will follow along with you as well.....

  2. A great day for a great couple. Belated Thanksgiving to you folks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Belated right back at you guys too!! Send us an email and share your travel plans for this year!!

  3. Happy thanksgiving dear Beglaws, we will meet soon...