Monday, 1 September 2014

Road trip (Part 2)

We spent two days with Julie and Martin in Sechelt. Nice time spent with lots of stories and wine. (Gotta always have wine with stories, right?)

On Thursday the 28th, we headed down into Gibsons (half hour south down the coast) and spent a few hours wandering around...

The famous Molly's Reach restaurant from the Beachcomber TV series.








After getting back to the house in Sechelt, we headed over to a nice beach area that is just a few minutes away. There is a great creek that fills with tidal water and their dog, Sadie loves to jump in off the side of the bank and fetch all the things that dogs like to fetch!!
Incoming tide up the creek channel.....

Sadie, the fetching queen!!!



Julie and Nancy.....sisters!!

One last leap into the water!!
Thanks Julie & Martin!!

Sun is setting and time to head back....
So on Friday morning, we took our third ferry of this trip. It is the ferry going out of Gibsons (Langdale ferry terminal) to West Vancouver Horseshoe Bay. This ferry has a bit different kind of pricing. You would pay about $46 for car, driver & passenger, round trip from the mainland to the Sunshine Coast. So, when you come just off the Gibsons side, you don't pay. That is because we paid when we came over from Comox.
This trip would lead us to stay at my Mom's in North Vancouver for another event.....stay tuned.
Thought for the Day: Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

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