Monday, 1 September 2014

Road Trip (Part 3)

So, we ended up at my Mom's in North Vancouver. We had a memorial gathering to celebrate my uncle on my Dad's side, Mike Tamas. He passed away last December but this was the weekend that more family came from Saskatchewan so this was the weekend that we sprinkled his ashes.

One of my cousins, Ed and his wife Kelly, are the "go-to" people for this side of the family for any function like this. They always do such a great job and we offer our many, many thanks  for working so hard to get everyone together at their Aldergrove house.

Uncle Mike was a very humble man. He never had children and was only married once, for a short time. He was a long haul truck driver so he and I had interesting conversations about my involvement in the transportation industry from a freight broker stand point.  It was always great to hear his stories about how things "used to be". He was also an avid photographer. There are dozens of photo albums. They are meticulously maintained and catalogued. Many of them are very important in the history of my Dad's side of the family. As always, one always wishes that we had taken the time to see these when he was alive.  I never even knew these existed. He was quite the guy.

Doug checks out some of the albums.....

Uncle John. My Dad's younger brother.

Uncle Joe. Dad's other younger brother.

Uncle Mike LOVED trains and many of those photo albums were filled with
amazing pictures of trains. This was a fitting place to remember him.

Thanks for the memories, Uncle Mike. You will be missed...
Thought for the Day: Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened....Dr. Seuss

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