Thursday, 24 July 2014

Victoria, Cowichan Bay Village & Maple Bay

We had a trip down to Victoria on Thursday. I really like this drive and it was nice to do it in Felix the VW Beetle. A funny thing to drive and find that it is so QUIET compared to Euri. But then, Felix can't make coffee and offer you a place to sleep either!!

Another thing I really enjoy is the legendary Malahat Highway, or Drive, as some call it. It does occasionally have it's share of accidents, but then what major highway doesn't. I don't think you can ever make anywhere 100% safe. Most of the problems on this highway are due to driver error or stupidity. I guess that's pretty much every where, isn't it?

Some parts of the Malahat are divided and some are not.
All in all it is a beautiful drive.....

Victoria is pretty, all over!!




What a gorgeous old hotel. Have you ever gone
there for "High Tea"? Don't let it scare you. Doug went with my Mom
and I and we had a great time a few years ago. Bit pricey. At that time is was
about $60 per person BUT you get mountains of those cool sandwiches and
goodies an, trust me, you will be FULL!! 

Flowers, flowers everywhere. I love it!!


Always beautiful inner harbour.....

The promenade around the inner harbour has lots of
local entertainment and market stalls...


After that it was off to the drive home. If you drive direct from Victoria to Nanaimo it is about 1 1/2 hours. We decided on a few detours. We went off the main highway at Cowichan Bay and headed towards the water to Cowichan Bay Village. I imagine that this is one of the "old" roads. Basically, it seemed to run parallel to the big highway, although you were no where near it. We have often seen, what we think, is Cowichan Bay on the big highway but this is the "village" part. Really nice little area and we will definitely come back here for a little walk-about this summer. Pardon some of the pictures as they were done on a driving basis.....
Loads of little shops to poke into and seems to be ample parking....

Hecate Park is right at the end of Cowichan Bay Village.
Then we carried on towards Nanaimo but we stayed on the old highway still. It is so pretty how it winds its way past little houses and fields. So much nicer than the big roads (as always, that "less travelled road" is more interesting to us....).



Next spot we stumbled upon was Maple Bay. By now it was 3:00 pm and time for a little lunch!! Coming down into Maple Bay it seemed to be all residential so we thought we had made a wrong turn. We accidently went past the sign that said Crofton and Salt Spring Ferry (?) and were on this steep little road. We thought...ooops!!

As Doug got to the end of this "T" intersection he went to turn around...
and we looked to the left and saw this!!

Whose deck looked out on this!!
Super cool that the island directly in front of us is Salt Spring Island.
Where it suddenly drops off near the centre of the photo is Mt. Mowatt.
Many years ago, we were on that mountain by the drop off/look-out
point at the big provincial park with our kids......good memories!!
Remember "the road less travelled"?? Perfect example of taking time to take the time!! We got home about 5:30 pm. What a nice cruise around and it was all within about 2 hours of home. Nice day trip!!
Thought for the Day: I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting...Marc Jacobs


  1. Lovely post. Next year we are planning a trip to the Island with moving there in mind. Any and all posts like this will be devoured immediately.


    1. Well thanks and I will try and keep them coming!!

  2. Ha ha, just like Peter, we are planning a trip to the island with an eye towards moving there as well!!

    Loved your photos and insight today, thank you!!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Most welcome and glad you enjoyed them!!