Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nelson BC (Day 2)

We headed out to breakfast this morning at the Frog Peak Café & Guest House in Crescent Valley which is about 30 minutes from Nelson (towards Winlaw). Super nice little café with lots of freshly prepared breakfast and lunch items, along with a few bakery treats. We just know that our friends, Paula & Jerry from Nova Scotia would approve. Put it on your list of bakeries and eateries!! (


Shawn & Teagan
After this we took an interesting spin on over to BJ Organic Mechanix and Salvage. It is just up the road from the café and is the historical epicentre of old VW buses. There is even a few beetles that have found their way into the heap here. Check it out. Shawn says  this guy is a master mechanic and whiz at VW repairs.....  
Love his shop. tucked into the side of a mountain road...... 

I guess these just may be a little past the salvage part, huh?


What a history lesson!!
If only these VW Westies could talk!!
Heading back into Nelson from the morning's jaunts....
Looking down the street from in front of the new shop.....
View out the dining room window of the new suite...

Thomas and Aku keep an eye on things out the window....
In the afternoon, Shawn had some work to do at the shop so we strolled around the downtown section of Nelson. Super cute, funky old town shops. We really liked it! The weather could not have been better!
After dinner we went for another drive around Nelson. Up at Gyro Park, which is up above where they live, there is excellent view point for the whole city.....




If you look really hard at this picture on the right hand side is the big orange bridge that
we came over to Nelson on. Affectionately called the BOB (big orange bridge...naturally!)

Hey, there's Euri in the parking lot downtown!

Great iron art work all along the railings at the view point.


Back down at the lake..... 

And for this trip to Nelson, that's a wrap!!
Thanks Teagan & Shawn for showing us around the city......
As for tomorrow's travel plans, well it is the final leg of this epic journey right back to where it began six months ago in White Rock, BC.
Can hardly believe it!!!!!!
Thought for the Day: Never cut what you can untie....Robert Frost 


  1. Congratulations to Teagan and Shawn. Best of luck with the new shop and life in Nelson. I haven't seen Teagan for so long. Still remember sitting on the floor of your house in Calgary playing My Little Pony with her. Now she's a beautiful young lady. Where does the time go?

    1. Thanks Dale - I will pass on your kind wishes. Time flies, doesn't it??

  2. You've just about come full circle. Glad to read you managed another bakery before closing the loop. :) Enjoy!