Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nanaimo Chillin'

Thanks for all the nice comments on the USA wrap up. Super appreciative seeing how many folks checked in. Again, if anyone has a specific question, we are more than happy to try and answer it. Feel free to email us personally, at dnbeglaw@gmail.com.  We really are lucky to have you all along!! 

Next thing I am working on is the Canada wrap up!! Yeehaw!!! I hope to have that up on the board by the weekend's end.

So, now that we have the pantry stocked up (sheesh....) we have tried to get back into the Nanaimo groove. My sister took a day off last week and we cruised up to Qualicum Beach in her snazzy Mustang. With Doug at the wheel, you know it was a fun drive! 


Sitting in the back seat of a convertible is never complimentary on the hair!!

The view northwards from the deck of the Shady Grove Pub
in Qualicum Beach....

...and southwards.

My sister, Susann and Doug.
It was nice cruising along but I felt a bit like Dino on the Flintstones, sitting in the back as it seemed that my head stuck up above the crossbar. I found myself trying to slump a bit!! We had a nice lunch and then just carried on with a bit of explorations and headed home. It is about 40 minutes from Nanaimo.
The other day, I started the process of pulling out the toddler toys from our stash in the crawlspace. Was fun to go through everything. Gus will need them now so I am happy that I am a "bit" of a packrat with that sort of thing and we are able to have a huge stash of toys at Grandpa & Grandma's house!!
One of the favourites of our kids was the Fisher Price Farm set. My Mom and Dad gave this to Teagan when she was about Gus' age and she played with it non-stop! Funny part was that she really zeroed in on the "horse, sheep & pig". Those, in particular, she played with more than the rest. She always said them in that order too....horse and sheep and pig! She always had the "and" in between each one!! Pretty funny and great memories!!
The famous "horse and sheep and pig"
Super glad this stayed with us!!
On Friday, last week, Doug and I headed downtown to the wharf and right next door to the Nanaimo Farmer's Market. Nice to see it again, lots of the same vendors but always has some interesting things to see.
Penny's Palapa. Nice Mexican restaurant, right on the docks.
Seems pretty popular but we have never been. Have to try and correct that this summer!


Paula & Jerry - these chairs look like they are waiting for you!!
The back of the restaurant....





The market is right on the promontory above the dock.....

Loads of yummy things, always!


This wicker dome is an actual old fashioned beehive. They used to
sit them up on a table-like structure and the bees come and go through the bottom.
This is just sitting on a small pan for display. I wonder if they all have little flowers on top?

Visitor info centre around the corner.....


The main little downtown shopping core. Where most of the shopping
used to take place before the big malls moved in. Like many towns, they
are revitalizing this area and making it "the" place to be.

So, a little more in the catch-up department. Hoping to get out to my favourite walking spot, Westwood Lake tomorrow. It is a short drive from the house and I love it!! I have inundated you all with pictures from there but I am pretty sure I will have more - sorry!!
Life is good.
Thought for the Day: Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back.


  1. Very nice photos of Nanaimo!!

    Qualicum Beach is a neat little town, too!!

    So, are you and Doug going to continue travelling??

    Looking forward to your Canadian wrap-up, and your Westwood Lake photos!!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Hi Trent & Teresa - Yes, we will continue to travel. We have gotten away for the past 3 winters now. Plans are underway for the 2015 time away. It will NOT include camping this time. (Shhh, don't tell Euri)

      Stay tuned...more in the late fall about those plans!

  2. If you start slipping away unannounced Euri might start sensing what you're doing and feel dejected.
    Kathy has kept up with you guys but with everything I've been doing I'm playing catch up when I can't work outside.
    Love the pictures. It gives us food for future trips.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are SO right, Euri is pretty intuitive!! (Ha ha ha) Glad all is well with you guys and I have been following along your blog too. It's hard to keep up with all your trips!!