Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nanaimo BC - Getting settled

Well, here we are back at home and yes, I still owe you all that US, and now Canada, wrap up. It will come, I promise!! 

As you can imagine, it has  been a few days getting good, old Euri unloaded and unpacked. I am a bit of a serious pack rat when it comes to travelling and tucking little things away, here and there. So much so that I even surprise myself when I start unloading and I keep finding mementos, books, shells EVERYWHERE!! It wouldn't surprise me if the gas mileage greatly improves now that Euri is unloaded!! Sheesh!!!

It has been SO nice getting back to our own place and especially our own BED!! It was funny, trying to get used to where we put everything in the kitchen, where some of the power cords for the computers and phone went. And just how did that TV zapper work anyway?? It was a bit like Christmas. Oh, up until the part where we had to figure out just what food we needed again. The house was, basically, left totally empty. There was just one or two cans of sauce and a bit of flour and sugar in sealed containers. Wow, the grocery store and Costco certainly liked us. I am expecting a call, any moment, from them to see why we have not been back!!

Just a brief overview of the past days, here are a few pictures. We haven't gotten out for any good walks/exploring but that will come this week - promise!!

A lovely sign for us by our friends, Bob & Danna!!

On the ferry ride back to Vancouver Island,
the beautiful Howe Sound.....
Cruising, BC Ferries style.....
 What a picture perfect sailing day!!
Patio area all set up.... 

Susann & Lacey's (our landlords) new dog, Torry
(I think her pool is a tad too small!!) She doesn't like us, yet.....
Homemade chocolate chip cookies!!
(No, it is NOT possible to put too many chips in them!!)
Hold it, several are missing!!

Our infamous RoadPro crock pot stopped working.
Doug (my in-house handy-man) found a burnt wire. He "thinks" he has got it fixed!!
Little visitor at my sister's feeder today. It took a while
and several glasses of wine to get this awesome shot!!
Somewhat settled here now. Ready to take on a bit of island exploring. First thing though, we have to get our little black VW beetle, Felix, up and running. The battery was dead as a door nail when we got back. Doug jumped it and we ran it for over an hour up the highway. When we got back, he shut it off and it was dead again. It may need a new battery. We will jump it again and run it down to our favourite mechanic at Bavarian Auto Imports here in Nanaimo on Monday for a look-see!!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are basking in the beautiful sun and heat here in the Vancouver area. We love, love, love it!! 
Thought for the Day: Choose to see the good stuff.... 


  1. Nancy, I just wanted to thank you for taking us all along on your fabulous continental circumnavigation. (I didn't realise how much work the blog was until I saw you in action.) What a trip! What an adventure! And I got to enjoy it all and still sleep in my own bed. Muchas gracias. And I want to tell you again what treat it was to have you as our guests for a few nights. It was great to catch up. What's next?

    1. Dale (and Sue & Chelsea), it was our pleasure to have you all "along for the ride"! Thanks back to you all for the opportunity to reconnect and for the hospitality!

      As for "what's next" guess we will all have to stay tuned!!

  2. I followed along for 90% of it, although I admit to missing a few days here and there. Would be a good blog post to make a list of the areas that you really enjoyed and would like to return to because you felt you didn't see enough of it.

    1. Yup - those are things on that "wrap-up" list for sure!! Too busy enjoying this beautiful weather outside!!

  3. Let's just hope you don't get too comfortable with that great weather and forget about hitting the road again in the future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks R&K - We are sticking pretty close to home for a bit but there is always something to see!!

  4. Welcome home ... What a feeling, right ??

    Anxious to see your future posts of the island and all it has to offer!!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks so much Trent & Teresa. "Home" is quite a great feeling for sure. We will get out and do more exploring of the island. Nice and close to "home"!!!