Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A birthday!!

Another birthday on the calendar!! This one is celebrating our niece, Dionne Mosher (nee Johnston). She lives in sunny Australia with hubby Jason. We hope you have/had a great birthday Dionne. I know there is a severe time change between Canada and Australia but I will post this on your date here in Canada - July 23rd!!

We have been fortunate enough to have some new members and followers on this blog so here is some history on us......
When we retired, we had lots of people comment "must be nice....". It is nice but it did not come without it's share of challenges, downsizing, second thoughts and priority changes. 
In October 2010, we sold our townhouse, after just 3 weeks on the market. It was a 3 level, 4 bedroom, 2100 sq. ft. home. We loved it. But, we figured, "you can't have your cake and eat it too..." and so something had to go....
We extended the patio (with permission) and added
most of the plants around the patio.....
Back walkway

Our sanctuary.....
From the can just barely see Euri on the driveway!

On a side bar - here is our little Scotty, Morgan.
He passed away in 2011 and we still miss his little personality.
So, after the townhouse was sold, it was onto White Rock to a beautiful rented, above ground, basement suite in a brand new house, We were very lucky to have such great landlords, Diane & Vern, who lived upstairs. After so many years of owning our own home, it was an especially hard transition for me but they made our stay delightful. Sometimes change, even though hard, is good you see......
We got to use the left side of the driveway
and our entrance was down that same side.

Gasp!!! Euri had to spend some time on the the SNOW!!!
Tough since at the townhouse, he was housed in the garage!!!
On the upside, we were 1/2 block from the beach!!!

It was 2 bdrm., 1 bathroom, 750 sq. ft. Quite a change from 2100 sq. ft.
and 3 levels, don't you think? Culture shock for sure!!

But it was very nicely done.....

Notice some things never change? Wine glasses on the table!!
So, we lived in this perch for about 14 months (until Nov 2011) then it was off to a suite that we finished in my sister, Susann's basement in Nanaimo. Seemed, like a good spot to start our retirement and our travels. We moved over to Nanaimo in November 2011. We took our first trip to Mexico in February 2012.
Here is where we hang our hats right now. Nanaimo. It is our cozy, 550 sq ft suite. We think it turned out pretty good, right? We packed a lot into this small space but we had to "re-think" the furniture and layout differently.....again.

This kitchen is just a touch larger than Euri's!!

Through that glass door is the bathroom and laundry....  

We EVEN have a bathroom!! 

...and our own laundry just off the bathroom 



We have a nice covered patio area and an uncovered area.....

The landlord's backyard!!

At the other end of the covered area is the open area....
Remember those Nova Scotia floats??
Here is their new home!!!
The blue one is the one that was in the tree!!

Hanging out with all my special plants that I cultivated from
my townhouse garden!! Same plants, just in pots now.
So that's a little history on how we "got to retire". It has taken many steps and we have had to change a lot of things in our lives to accommodate this lifestyle. Like I said, it did not come without it's share of bumps along the way. You can't change your whole life and expect to make perfect decisions all the way along, at least we can't and didn't. It's a never-ending, evolving time in our lives....but we love it!!
Thought for the Day: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. 


  1. Thank you for the personal insight into how you got to where you are today!!

    We retired early to travel, which meant many compromises for us as well.

    We are not rich, so we still take part time jobs when we want to.

    Sold the dream house to purchase an apartment stlye condo, sold that for a townhouse, and are now thinking of selling again!!

    Like you said, many steps, and not all of them without scrapes and bruises.

    As I mentioned before, I HATE the prairie winters ... too long and too cold.

    I still dream of moving to Vancouver Island ( Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach, Parksville, etc) and escaping for part of the winter when the rain and clouds take over.

    You have a wonderful attitude which goes a long way in living in small spaces!!

    We really enjoy your photos and your writing.

    Best wishes in your "new" home ... TnT

    1. Thanks Trent & Teresa - You definitely learn more from the bruises and scrapes, don't you? I am sure there are many more "steps" to come but we will just take things how they are for now.

  2. Not too long now and we're right where you are in life... Even thinking of a new home base on the island. I'm sooo ready for it! When at all possible please show us some of the island life.

    Cheers, Peter.

    1. Hi Peter - If you check back on the blog history under SEPT 2012 there is Tofino, Bike Trail, Morningstar Farm, Fiber Magee, Oysters. JUNE 2013 there is Westwood Lake, JULY 2013 is Snowbirds, AUG 2013 is Bike Ride around Nanaimo and Market Day. Granted, most of these are within an hour or three of Nanaimo, tut those old posts may help a bit. We are hoping to get out and see more spots this summer. Bamberton is just down the road a little way and that interests me. Today we were in Maple Bay and I will post about that asap (....tomorrow)!

      Thanks for checking in!!

    2. Sorry, hit the "enter" button too soon. Anyway, we will keep our fingers crossed that you can retire as soon as you are ready. Lots of room on the island!!

  3. Just came across this post this morning, as I sit catching up on things with a cup of coffee. It was great to see your living-space evolution throughout the past decade. You have made the transition look very appealing (although I realize it entailed many sacrifices) All of your spaces are so lovely and cozy, just like you and Doug. I'm so happy to see the bouys found a home in Nanaimo. That picture brought a big smile to my face. Who knows what the future might have in store for you . . .

    1. Thanks friend! The bouys are happy on their hooks! The future looks to be pretty darn amazing!!