Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Trinity NL to St. John's NL (361 Kms=224 Miles)

After a great and quiet night's sleep (I think it was that great dinner that Scott made...) we left Trinity Cabins & Campground and headed into the little, beautiful town of Trinity, about 1 km away.



There was a fairly hefty fog bank but it seemed to dissipate quickly...




Okay....I've had enough!!!
You just wait here and think about it!


Leaving Trinity and here is a better view of
those farmed  mussel beds....
Remember I told you about the little highways here on the Rock? Well, here is a good example! Notice the white car had to do a bit of off-roading to get around them too!
These holes don't even look to bad. Some of them, if hit at regular speed,
would take out your tire and rim. Don't drive at night - just like Mexico!!
After leaving Trinity we headed up towards a little town called Elliston. Their notoriety is the Puffins that come to roost on the rocks. PUFFINS!!! The nice lady at the Visitor Info (our other home away from home) gave us directions and we headed up to the bluffs. Oh, the other claim to fame here is the "Root Cellar Capital of the World" - Who knew!!!?? 

The Puffin lady is in the red coat....Info and tour is by donation


Susann - this chair should be in your back yard!
It was a great little history of the root cellars here. Seems one gentleman started them and they built lots. In fact, once we drove away, I counted 4 or 5 just on the way out of town.
She was short enough to get through the door - not I!!
I have determined that it would be an EXCELLENT
 place for beer, cider and wine storage - plus a few veggies!! 
Once she is done, she points you to the direction of the bluff. Now, this walk is quite easy but maybe not for the "faint of heart" and certainly small children MUST have their hands held at all times. NO fences here and a sheer cliff'll see in the pictures below!!

That island, just in front, on the left is where they roost. They come
to this area in search of the capelins. A small fish that they eat.
(See the few icebergs out far....)

This little guy in the middle looked like he was posing!

This is the walk back. It is over scrabbly grass and stones but
like I said, it is easy. A few of the areas are very close to the edge
so they have a short rail fence. The van is back by those houses...
Wow, that was amazing! We just couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces!! Oh maybe that was cuz they were frozen in place. We were told that if you can sit on that bluff for a bit they sometimes get curious about you and will come and land at your feet. They fly quite awkwardly but are so cute!!
This whole area we are touring is called the Bonavista Peninsula. We continued on to Bonavista for more exploring. They have a lighthouse up here on Cape Bonavista and also this monument to John Cabot.
First we checked in with John Cabot to see how he was doing.
This is the cape that he landed on in 1497!! This is located just about 2 kms
from the town of Bonavista...basically, just up the road.
The lighthouse is just around the corner from the John Cabot statue.
All the next group of pictures were taken from this point. Pretty amazing!!



It was a tad windy up here on the Cape!!
Just below the lighthouse....You can see a mammoth
iceberg way off shore in this picture.


This was all one iceberg. It was attached under water....
The Coast Guard says that there are approximately 1,900 icebergs "on the move" right now. I imagine that those are ones of significant size. Many of them start to split up. They crack, roll over, make noises. It would be neat to go out in a boat on one of the tours to see them up close (on a nice day!). Some people come to this area and never see an iceberg. We have seen so many now that we have lost track of them so that's a real privilege. There is something so interesting about just standing watching them. The ones that are still off shore are, literally, the sizes of small mountains. The best months for viewing are May and June. Indescribable.....
So, off to find one more spot. Dungeon Provincial Park. Again, it was just down the road from the lighthouse. Boy, was this a treat.....



Incredible pictures, huh??
Okay enough icebergs, we are hungry!! We had been given a great tip about a wonderful restaurant in Upper Amherst Cove, called the Bonavista Social Club. It did NOT disappoint!! 
Upper Amherst Cove.....and the view from the restaurant.



Warm and toasty inside.

They have the only wood fired pizza oven in Newfoundland/Labrador.
They also grow many, many of their own veggies and have their own goats...

Home made soups, relishes, sauces and jams for sale. I wanted
to take one of each....Also breads, goodies too numerous to mention!!

I broke my own rule about biting BEFORE snapping pictures!!
I just couldn't help myself....

Shane and his wife, Katie Hayes are the proprietors. They
opened 4 years ago and are open from May to end of October. After that
it is time to put the gardens to bed and care for the animals, can the veggies, etc.


Check them out at:
You'll come for the food but you will stay for the people (and goats and views!!)
With our tummies full and fresh bread and cookies on board we left and headed down off the peninsula and towards St. John's. Each and every small settlement we went through was fascinating. This last one gave us one more beautiful show of icebergs. Imagine opening your front door to this.....


Good morning icebergs!!!


Gotta watch those icebergs when you head out in your fishing boat!!
Soon, we were back on the Trans Canada Hwy 1 and heading for St. John's. This is what the drive looked like for the rest of the time!!



Tonight we are in St. John's at Pippy Park. It is a park in town. Okay for services and the bathrooms are passable. Small problem is that there is no internet. by magic and the good graces of McDonald's , you are seeing this post!!
On Thursday we will spend our time in St. John's. Lots to see here so we will have a full day. Not sure where we will be tonight. Maybe back at the same park. On Friday we begin our westward trek H-O-M-E!!!
Talk to you soon!!
Thought for the Day: Go the extra mile. It's never crowded...Dr. Wayne Dyer


  1. WOW! Great iceberg shots, Nancy and Doug.! Truly amazing, aren't they? And those little puffins are just the cutest! You had an awesome day yesterday and we wish you yet another today!

  2. Awesome. I am amazed that the lettuce has grown so well. It looks so cold all the time. We truly have a beautiful country. Your travels are a once in a life time experience. U will have some great memories. See u soon.

  3. 1st you get to go to Nags Head, NC and now Puffins and Icebergs!! I'm so jealous!!

  4. Thanks everyone!! Sorry I did not get back to you all sooner. Spotty internet at the last few places. We appreciate all the nice words!!