Thursday, 12 June 2014

St John's NL (Day 2)

Foggy and cold this morning - but nothing that can be done about that, right?? It is the theme of St. John's! Here is some weather trivia for St. John's:

Of all the major Canadian cities, St. John's is the foggiest snowiest (359 centimeters (141 in),  wettest (1514 millimeters (59.6 in), windiest (24.3 km/h (15.1 mph) and cloudiest (1,497 hours of sunshine. Yet still, St. John's has one of the mildest winters in Canada (third mildest city next to Victoria and Vancouver), yet has the most freezing rain days of any major Canadian city.
It's a contradiction unto it's self really. You just never know what you are going to get in other words!!
We had quite the list of "things to do" while we were here for this one and only day. Let's begin at the beginning shall we?
We said good-bye to our friends, Eleanor and Dineke from Ontario. We have been at three different campgrounds with them in Newfoundland. Even though we don't plan it, we seem to keep bumping into them. Safe travels you two!!

St. John's method of fixing the potholes....just put up a sign!!

Welcome to Cape Spear!!!
The home of the most easterly tip of North America!!

This doesn't look like much but I couldn't believe how the wind nearly whipped
my purse right out of my hand - and it's pretty heavy!!

You check in at the bottom (with your Discovery Pass for Parks Canada)
and then go way up the steps to the old lighthouse keepers cottage
and old original lighthouse...see the van way down there?
...oh, and the ever so common icebergs!!

Cottage no longer being used but beautifully restored.....
Hey, how'd that guy get in my picture??

Cozy kitchen....



 That very far away jut of land in the distance is Signal Hill in St. John's....

New, modern lighthouse used since 1956.


Call Environment Canada - is that BLUE skies we see????
It was really incredible up here. So desolate and beautiful at the same time. We have NEVER experienced winds that strong. They were blowing in at about 43 kmph!! It was really something to experience!!
Next up was to find the very most eastern point and beginning of the Trans Canada Hwy 1 and, yahoo, Mr. Eagle Eye spotted it when we were driving downtown. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is the start of our journey home!!

So, onto our next event of the day. We wanted to see some of the famous "Jelly Bean" houses. Little row houses that are brightly coloured in the old downtown core. My pictures aren't the greatest but you will get the idea!





They are all over the downtown, older area and are super cute!!
Next up was the famous Signal Hill where the French and English have battled for supremacy over hundreds of years. It's where they kept a sharp eye out during the Second World War. Amazing area,  perched right above the harbour!!

View of St. John's protected harbour on the right.....
The boats just come right in and they are safe and sound!


See that furthest away point of land?
That is Cape Spear!!

Okay, so it's 5,031 kms to Vancouver.....

...and it's shorter to get to Dublin, Ireland!!!

This big boy is going to crack anytime.....

Colours like the Caribbean waters!!

Called the Ladies Walk, 525 feet above the sea. Where
women waited for their men to come home or to see them off.
If it was possible the wind was stronger here than at Cape Spear!!


So, only two more things to do. First is to find the Terry Fox Memorial statue. Such a great Canadian and his legacy just goes on and on....

Very nice area at the waterfront where his Marathon of Hope first began.....
Safe and sound in the harbour.....
So a quick walk down to George Street and a bite to eat. Great two block entertainment area. 




Warm and cozy for a little pub lunch.
Thanks St. John's!!!
And the last and final thing to do. Josh told us that we had to collect water from the furthest point in Canada, St. John's and the Atlantic Ocean.
So Josh, this is for you!! From the harbour of St. John's coming back to you and the Pacific Ocean.....

It's time to come home.....
Thought for the Day: I just wish people would realize that anything's possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try.
Terry Fox..... 


  1. Happy Homeward Bound, Nancy and Doug! Thanks for making Atlantic Canada part of your amazing journey. We hope now that you've had a taste, you'll come back for more. It's been great to have you here and to enjoy your adventures on the blog. "Ashes to ashes and EAST to WEST. These are the roads that know me the best." Dave Gunning's words hold even more meaning for you now, I'm sure. :-)

  2. But you didn't get Screeched In or kiss the cod!