Friday, 6 June 2014

Louisbourg NS to Doyles NL (275 Kms=170 Miles)

Funny thing though we actually only drove 99 Kms!! Gotta L-O-V-E that ferry because it drove the rest of the way!!

We awoke to pouring, pouring rain this morning. Not a good start, knowing that you have to pack everything up. Does not make for happy people or dry people for that matter!! In these cases, I am pretty lucky because it is Doug who has to work outside and get soaked. I work on the inside pack-up so I stay dry. He always says he has no idea of where I put everything so he wouldn't know what to do with the inside stuff. Job security, that's all I can say!!

The ferry departs from the North Sydney harbour for Port aux Basques at 11:45 a.m. daily and you have to be there no less than 2 hours before. They also have a sailing that goes at 11:45 p.m. It takes an estimated 1.5 hours to load. This isn't like loading our BC Ferries. This is an ocean going ship that will be out in some potentially high seas so they take a lot of time to get things set just right. There are also tie downs in the floor by every car. Not sure exactly when they use those (other than the obvious like rough seas) but they did not use them, thankfully, today. The approximate crossing time is between 6-8 hours. I imagine that an 8 hour crossing would be rare and very stormy. Good thing there are barf bags everywhere!! Couple of things that are different from our BC Ferries at home. You cannot go below deck to your car once the ferry is en-route. You must wear proper footwear on the deck. This means no sandals, no croc-style shoes and no flip flops. If you need sea-sick pills, please bring your own as they do not provide them. If you have pets, you must provide a crate for them and they are put in a separate kennel area. You have to tell what size your kennel is. You cannot leave them in your car. So, all in all, a bit different from what we are used to!

Got your paperwork in order?? And crocs, no flops, no dogs, no pills!!! Here we go!!


Our ship looked just like this. Ours was called The Highlanders
named aptly after the Cape Breton Highlanders.....

Driving into the belly of the boat, actually onto deck level 3
So, we opted for the reserved seating in the lounge. Really nice and
it cost us an extra $12.94 each, incl taxes. Nice to be able to leave your belongings there
to walk about. Reclining leather chairs with ports for your I-phone (if you have one).
Cost for the sailing, all in was $225.94 pretty pricey but really no other way to get here.

Lots of seating everywhere. Some nice little bistro areas like above too.
Some of the other areas had similar chairs to the lounge we were in but I am not sure if they reclined and I wouldn't have left my belongings there when I wanted to go
somewhere else for a walk....choices.

Leaving North Sydney....still raining!

Lots of photo murals everywhere depicting different areas of
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador

Now, he looks comfy!!

And so am I! We joked that we better enjoy this because this is
the most luxury we will see for the next week until we come back on the ship!
They really cram these semi's onto here!!

A bit of history on the Highlanders.....

I wonder where these little guys are now?

Anyway, 6 hours later, here we are. Our first glimpse of Newfoundland!! We were pretty stoked and the ride was uneventful as we always hope these things are! Hmmm, still foggy here it seems!!

Roll everyone off the ship....

We were happy to see that we were Welcome here.
We were sad to see that the flags are at half-mast (as they should be)
to honour our fallen RCMP officers from Moncton NB...
The Newfoundland & Labrador flag. Sorry, there was no Tim Horton's
available that we could get into in Port aux Basques. We will catch up with that soon!
First glimpses...


Hey, where did everyone go??

Yes, that is snow up there....doesn't it look like a heart?
(I think I just saw Doug pull out the map of Mexico.....)
So, about 30 minutes, right on the Trans Canada Highway (there is really only on way to go for awhile) we were at Grand Codroy RV/Tent Camping Park. It is about 1.5 kms off the main highway.....  



Comfy at Site #5
No special rate discounts here. $30 for serviced spot

This used to be a provincial park. The sites are nicely spaced out and,
despite what this photo shows, there are quite a few trees around.
Plus a really nice view of the river by us!!   
Okay, this is funny. We saw this guy and his monster rig WAY back in South
Padre Island, Texas at the end of January. Can you believe all those
thousands of miles and here we are, in Newfoundland, at the same park again.
.....Bet he is green with envy at our Euri rig too!!

View out our door....


The owners here, Alice & Dennis, have a craft shop on the property that is run by Alice's sister. Dennis is demonstrating his musical prowess by showing us how an "Ugly Stick" works. Ugly head on top, bottle caps with tin in between them and, believe it or not, a kids boot glued on the end. They are quite popular here for music and he can
make the MOST amazing drum and cymbal sound out of it.
C-R-A-Z-Y!! I think I am going to love it here!!

Office and craft shop.....

A toast to Newfoundland and all it has to offer us explorers!

Oh, and a toast to my homemade knitted slippers, done with good
old Phentex wool. Anyone make these???
Okay so that's it for the day....Good chance we will stay here an extra day to regroup and figure out our next move. We have a good tip from Alice here about what to do next. Stay tuned!!
Here is a little bit of our hearts in White Rock BC.....We can hardly wait to see him again! And everyone else too, of course!!

I think he is liking this slide thing!!
Thought for the Day: Life is a one time offer....use it well. 


  1. Yay! You made it safe and sound. Love your slippers. I have had many, many pair over the years. You should come across lots of those in the crafty-type stores in the Maritimes.
    Having fun in Newfoundland goes without saying, so I'll just say "safe and happy travels" and watch out for those moosies!
    ps Sweet, sweet pics of your little Gus.

  2. Did you notice the snow on the mountain? Doesn't it look like a heart....sort of?