Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ignace ON to Virden MB (753 Kms=467 Miles)

Up and out early again this morning. As I ducked into the bathroom, I looked over to see our new friend, Roger McDougall just getting all ready to get back on that bike and head out eastbound. I can tell you that it really brings it all into perspective when you meet someone like Roger undertaking such a huge challenge. Gosh, our hats are off to you Roger!! We hope today's ride was better than the day before. Really, Canada DOES actually get summer and sunshine. I hope you are in for lots of it in the coming days!! It was our pleasure to visit with you and we will definitely keep in touch!!

Everyone should check out his blog and keep track of how he is doing!


The drive was filled with rain this morning so it really obliterates everything that you might be able to see. Too bad because I am sure it is quite pretty, at times!

It was a few hours to get to the Manitoba border!!!! Another province in this journey. That makes seven for those keeping track!!

Manitoba and her mosquitos welcome us!!!
Provincial flag
Lunch and then hit the road!!
We had to make one more stop on this journey. Doug really wanted to go to Portage and Main in Winnipeg. It is "reportedly" the windiest corner in Canada. Now, after being at Cape Spear and Signal Hill in St. John's, they may have beaten it for windy but I guess they aren't on a "corner" Besides, everyplace needs something that "they" are famous for!! We will give them that title for "windiest corner" okay!!

Coming into Winnipeg's downtown area.....
You all know of my affinity with license plates....how
about this one? Nunavut!! Our newest province/territory!!
Don't you just love the polar bear peaking out at you!!

Portage and Main!!!


Good thing Doug had the perfect hairdo for this wind!!
Me, I had to slick my hair back with a hairband!!

Just cruisin' through Manitoba, west of Winnipeg......

Quite pretty out here but super wet still from all the rain.

Our favourite sign!!!
We made it to Virden MB!! We will be out of here, bright eyed again in the morning. Our next stop will be at Cabri Regional Park near Swift Current, Saskatchewan to stay a few nights with Kevin & Ruth!! That should be fun, even if it is only for 2 nights!! Get ready for some laughs!!!
Thought for the Day: When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars...  


  1. Can't wait to see you! Supper is in the crockpot ready to be turned on in the morning and the chocolate chip cookies are baking as I type this. See you tomorrow.


  2. Was it really windy at Portage and Main? If it was, the photos don't do it justice, looks totally calm!

    1. It was pretty windy but not like I thought it would be. The bald head on Doug and my slicked back hair helped!!