Monday, 2 June 2014

Harrington PE to Murray River PE (232 Kms=144 Miles)

We took a pretty interesting route. Since Prince Edward Island is only 224 kms long, the distance travelled above looks pretty funny! We left Harrington (which is on the edge of Charlottetown on the northwest side) and travelled up to Cavendish. After that, we followed the "Central Coastal Drive" looping as far west as Cabot Beach and as far south as the Confederation Bridge. After that we travelled along the south shore and up to Rocky Point (right beside the Fort Amherst Nat'l Historic Site). This overlooks Charlottetown. Then it was over a small bridge and we cut across to Murray River on Hwy 24. Most of the time was spent meandering along the Oceanside. This is why we look for these coastal, informative drives. Super pretty as I am sure you will agree.....

Nice church in Rustico.....

Some of the graves are from the mid-1800's

Rustico also has a little heritage site.

Just us and our Gus cruising along a beautiful PEI highway!!


Prince Edward Island Nat'l Park. Cavendish-East beach area
Just like we imagined. Red soil right to the ocean.....
Since we have our National Parks Canada Discovery Pass, we went in to see the Anne of Green Gables house. It was really neat and brought back a lot of memories for me from reading the book. I will re-read it. Such a Canadian classic. We probably spent one hour here, just wandering around the site. Again, nice since it was off-season still and not too many visitors yet. 

The house that inspired Lucy Maude Montgomery to write Anne of Green Gables.
It was actually the house of her Grandparents cousin so she spent a lot of time here.  
Then it was on to Cavendish-West beach area....
Cavendish is about 5 minutes from where the Green Gables house is.


Boy, we have certainly seen our share of beaches
and different oceans, haven't we?
We carried on and discovered that we could see the Confederation Bridge from near North Carleton. Looks pretty impressive from this angle!

...and this is only part of it!

Hey, thank a farmer!

....for your french fries!!

A detour took us on a red dirt road - Euri was NOT at all happy!

Lighthouse in Victoria by the Sea.....

Ahhh, this is more like it!!

We made that lunch stop at Fort Amherst Nat'l Historic Site by
Rocky Point, just across the harbour from Charlottetown.

Nothing was open but it made a nice picnic spot!

This lovely country road is about 5 kms from
Murray River where we are tonight!!

That's a nice view.....

River RV Park. Our rate is $14 with Passport America. That's pretty good.
There are two seasonal rigs here and 3 of us active campers. 
Pretty small campground with only 20 total sites.....

They also have a heavy duty machine business in the
big garage. See the tiny roof, off to the right of the garage?
That's the bathroom.....yup.
So, a busy driving day but we didn't go very far. We certainly have enjoyed our Prince Edward Island time. Such a beautiful province.
Tomorrow we will be getting the Northumberland Ferry back to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The reason that we hopped over here first is that at the end of the week we take ANOTHER ferry to Newfoundland and it leaves out of Sydney, which is on Cape Breton Island too. Seems weird, I know, but if you see it on a map, it makes sense for us to do it this way.....planning, planning, always planning.
Thought for the Day:  Be a fountain, not a drain.


  1. You had a lovely little tour through PEI and nice to see all those places without so many tourists about. It is a bustling place in the summertime, as you can imagine. Welcome back to Nova Scotia today. Looking forward to reading about your Cape Breton adventures! Miss you guys! Feel free to bring Euri back for another wash. He must look likes he's blushing after that red dirt road. :-)

    1. We really enjoyed PEI - maybe not quite as much as NS, but nearly!! We miss you too!! Doug especially misses the kitchen bar stool with the morning paper and coffee!!!

  2. You're still making us jealous. One Day! Some Day!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick & Kathy - You guys are SO close to this area. You gotta come here!!