Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cabri SK (Day 2)

We had an amazing sleep-in this morning and I must admit that it felt a tad bit guilty knowing that Kevin & Ruth had to work today. Sorry, but we still managed to muscle our way through two cups of coffee and managed to just finish up our showers before they were back in the house for their morning break - YIKES!! Talk about us feeling lazy!!

Did a few laps around the park today and enjoyed the peace and quiet. There were a few things going on here though! Ruth seemed to have to spend the whole day behind a rake and she has done a beautiful job of the gardens and she works tirelessly making sure that the bathrooms are in A+ shape. I can tell you that after travelling as much as we have this year, clean bathrooms are worth their weight in gold!!

Another of the bird families here with babies!



Private, seasonal members' boat docks

Guess who we were thinking of today....and everyday?


Doug having fun on the little kids digger machine!!
One of Kevin's jobs for today was to get the boat dock back into the water. This boat dock that Kevin had to put in was the "big" dock that sits besides the boat ramp. It is scheduled to be a very busy weekend with tons of folks coming in. In fact, pretty much the rest of the summer from this point forward is going to be very busy for them!!
I think he likes that tractor!!

Getting it lined up..... 

....and it's in!!
After the guys got the dock installed, "young" Kevin, who also works here, was clearing up the beach area of large sticks and branches, he flushed out a bull snake. They look a lot like a rattle snake but they aren't dangerous. They just look so. This guy was pretty big, about 4 feet.


Boy, do they ever blend in!!
The other fun thing that happened today is that Kevin & Ruth had guests came in to stay at the campground that have been long time blog readers. Bill & Gloria from Idaho. It was really fun to meet them and we had a big pot luck dinner and some fabulous conversation....mostly travel related - go figure!!

Kevin, Nancy, Doug, Bill, Ruth & Gloria!!

Happy and safe travels, Bill & Gloria!!
We have had a wonderful time here with Kevin & Ruth. It is fun to spend the time and really awesome to see where they call home for the spring/summer....Thanks guys, for the hospitality and all the laughs!!
Tomorrow we are off to Medicine Hat, AB and we are happy to be heading towards family. It should be a great time!! 
Thought for the Day:  We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the campground. Now it's family time. Enjoy your time with everyone. I know how much you're looking forward to seeing them again. Safe travels, amigos!

  2. What a nice park! Good, safe travels to you both.