Monday, 16 June 2014

Antigonish NS to Saint-Leonard NB (680 Kms=422 Miles)

We got out of Antigonish at exactly 9:00 a.m. this morning. It started out dry and a bit misty then quickly turned into a downpour (again). The highway is quite rutted with lots of standing/running water and it was extremely windy . I started out driving for 1/2 hour then I turned the reins of Euri over to Doug. It just made me a little wary so best to let him drive for a bit.....

Well, maybe driving in the rain isn't so bad if you follow this guy!!

Right near Amherst NS they harness one of their best resources.

Just a few miles further west is the same point that we entered Nova Scotia
a few weeks ago. Check out the flags - think the wind is blowing??
Good-bye Nova Scotia and Paula & Jerry.
You have all been amazing hosts and we love it here!!
Just incredible how the day changed. After a little driving
through New Brunswick the skies cleared and look!!

Clear sailing and no ruts or potholes!!

Beautiful, big, lush St. John River.....

So a little further and we see this sign....again but this time it was a real warning!! Look what we saw - finally!!!!!!!!
No, not just the sign......


Down an embankment, Mr. Eagle Eyes saw him first. Doug stopped the van and I took these quick pictures from inside. We didn't want to spook it and have it run up the bank onto the road. It was a good size. Probably as big as a horse.....

Gorgeous and we were pretty elated!!

Then it just turned and sauntered back into the cool!!
Thanks for NOT being on the road!!
We had a number of places that we were going to stop to set up camp today. First it was near Fredericton. Then a park near Hawkshaw (north of Fredericton). We finally pushed through to Saint Leonard. We are pretty much at the top of New Brunswick now.  We are staying at Camping Grand-Riviere. I am sure it WAS grand at one time but the sign and it's condition, sadly, spells it out pretty clearly......



Road into their office. Park is located right off the highway. 


Nice spacious sites but LOTS of mosquitoes!! 

Really nice little gazebo where we are doing internet right now.....
It is a beautiful setting. Right beside a little river. However, the note on the campground rules sheet says that after 46 years the owners closing it. The pool is empty (it looked pretty nice). The bathrooms, passable. The area around it is so pretty and we could only imagine that, over the years, there have been lots of happy times here for campers. Unfortunately, the lady who checked us in (we can only assume it was Noella, one of the owners) was fairly surly and uncaring. It felt like we were more of an annoyance than anything else. Too bad. It is in the Passport America book so the rate was good at $20. You would think that going out on a good note would be best but I guess who knows what is going on in their lives. We will just keep a low profile and carry on in the morning and wish them the best of luck......
We will continue our drive on Trans Canada Hwy. up through Edmunston, Notre-Dame-du-Lac to the St. Lawrence River and turn left and west, pretty much paralleling the river until we hit Quebec City. All told, it should be about 360 kms (223 miles)tomorrow. Pretty excited to get to Quebec City and see a little bit of the history there. We will only have one day but, hey, as we have discovered, it is better than no days!!


Thought for the Day: To thrive in life you need three bones. A wish bone. A back bone. And a funny bone.....  


  1. Bye bye! Nova Scotia (and your friends) await your return one day! You are sure to enjoy Quebec City. We'll look forward to your blog showing all the highlights. Safe travels, amigos!

    1. Thanks friends - it was unforgettable!! (Did you find that piece of my heart yet?)