Sunday, 22 June 2014

Almonte ON to Sault Ste Marie ON (832 Miles=516 Miles)

We were up early Sunday morning at Dale & Sue’s place. Chelsea their daughter, was in a horse riding competition so they had to be out of the house at 7:00 am. This worked out perfectly for us as it gives us an extra early start and subsequently, we covered LOTS of miles today. About 850 kms!! We are following the Trans Canada Highway still, although in some of the provinces they have different numbers for it.

Once again, HUGE thanks to the Arden clan for making us feel so exquisitely at home. Love being with family. Our only regrets are that we didn’t get to see Chelsea in her riding competition (.....Go Chelsea and King!!) and that we couldn’t spend even more time with them. It has been far too long without seeing them and we just can't let that happen again. Until next time guys…….stay well!!  

Here are some road pictures. Nice drive but I must say that I was surprised at a few places as to how rough the road was. It is Canada’s major east west route so I just figured it was pretty much all 4 lane and smooth – how wrong I was!!

Not too far down the highway from Dale & Sue's

There is always (almost) something nice to look at through this country!


Road lunch somewhere along the way. Many thanks to Sue for
providing some fresh, homemade bread to add in!!
Climb back in and put on some road tunes!!




We spent Sunday night about 60 kms west of Sault Ste Marie in a small highway side park called Sunset Shores…..and I mean the part we are in is right beside the highway!! With some of these parks, we are not quite sure what is the draw for people to want to come here, weekend after weekend.  Different strokes for different folks I guess. Glad we are only here one night. They do actually have internet but it is, once again, up by the office. You are welcome to sit outside on the little patio with the MASSIVE mosquitoes if you like and we did try this. Doug got bitten 3 times before his butt hit the chair so we bailed. Thus ….NO blog until we move on!!
Nice spot if not for the highway directly behind us!!
Oh well, this makes for easy highway access when we leave!!
Also nice recreation room if not for the over zealous
caretaker who locked it up at 7:00 pm....really??
Nice little bay and dock area though.... 

So, Monday is another day of pushing hard to get to the next stop. We are hoping to make it past Thunder Bay, even if just a little. Sort of  a mental marker for us!
See you there.....internet hopeful!!
Go team Beglaw!!!

Thought for the Day: I love that point when you are so tired that everything is funny. Yes, we are sometimes at that point!!

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  1. It's beautiful there along lake Superior. Lake Superior is aptly named; it's huge! Next gorgious Kenora...