Monday, 7 April 2014

St Marys GA to Savannah GA (112 Miles)

After a brief time on the internet system at Crooked River State Park doing some research and email checking, we headed out for Savannah GA. Another of those short drives that we have become famous for. It was only about 100 miles this time. Doug has picked up the nasty cold I had last week so it was my turn for driving duties. We certainly like those back, slower highways but sometimes, like today, you have to take the dreaded interstate. This time it was the I-95. Three to four lanes at mostly 70 mph. Yikes!!!

We got ourselves booked into Skidaway Island State Park. It is the closest state park to Savannah and, once again, it is pretty nice. Hard to believe it is only about 15 minutes away from the historic downtown core.  It is surrounded by salt marsh and maritime forest. It is a little more costly than Crooked River where we were last 2 nights, at $35 per night. We figure that is mostly due to it’s proximity to Savannah. We could have possibly found something even closer but we don’t like to compromise on the quality of the setting. We will only do that when necessary. State parks definitely give you that quality and we really like them. Like Florida, we feel that the state parks best represent what an area looks (or looked) like before development.  

Because of the high bug count, we decided to put up our screen tent.
Would have been nice but the moment Doug sat in it the rain started - and it POURED!!!


On Monday, our plan is to go into Savannah and enjoy the day on one of their “Hop on-Hop off” buses. We find that when you only have one day to look at a city and get any measure of information out of it, these buses are the perfect way to go. We did it in New Orleans and it at least gives you an “over-view” of the city. We are both looking forward to that tomorrow.
We have looked extensively at our upcoming week or so. We are heading towards Memphis and Nashville to do that long awaited trip. We will leave this area on Wednesday and should arrive in Memphis on Thursday afternoon. Remember, we were going to do it this trip from New Orleans at the end of February but the weather was so bad, with near freezing temperatures in Tennessee, that we put it off for a month.  We are sure looking forward to that westward sweep. After that, we are heading back towards the east coast and should be coming out at about New Bern, NC. This, unfortunately, means that we will miss South Carolina. We didn’t want to miss it but we just cannot make our scheduling work  with a few of the upcoming things we are planning (details later….shhhhh).  Sorry to my cousin Zach Hunter, wife Amber& little baby daughter Harlow. We won’t be making it this time…..Well, we couldn’t “officially” let that happen so today we headed just over the state line into South Carolina, just to say our feet had touched the soil there.

So, I am pretty sure that the state of South Carolina would have
welcomed us if we had stayed longer!!

Well, at least we can say we were there!

Nice state flag.....
 View down the Savannah River.....
Once again, we have wifi at the ranger station so we will try and get up there this evening. Right now (at 5:00 pm) we are sipping on our red wine and waiting out a thunder and rain storm. Not feeling like a wet ride up there. May have to wait until tomorrow!!
Thought for the Day: Always do what you are afraid to do...Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Too bad...South Carolina is one of our favorite states. Charleston is well worth the visit!

    1. I know!! We were disappointed too! Since we left Vancouver, I have told Doug, I want to see the Angel Tree in S. Charleston. Oh well, we sometimes have to "cut" something out to make things work. At least we saw a 1,000 year old tree in Texas!!

  2. Memphis you say? We're heading there on the weekend. How long are you kids staying? From there we head to Nashville. A rendezvous just might work! Let us know your plans, amigos. Email?

    1. Yahoo Miss Paula....plans are in place!!

  3. I am afraid of swimming in the ocean, and I am not about to start.