Sunday, 6 April 2014

St Marys GA (Day 2)

We took both of the nature walks today and really enjoyed them. They certainly aren't anywhere near "challenging or slightly challenging" but they are quiet and enjoyable nonetheless! Total walking distance was roughly 5 miles.

I think we have to be the only people who still get
excited about seeing armadillos. 


Just when you thought I wouldn't show you a gator
sign again, here is another one!!!

First path starts out with a boardwalk that quickly turns muddy!

Nice little interpretive trail...

....just this little muddy bit!

Not sure why the trail is "quite" this wide here!!

One little observation tower....


We carried on to the river and checked it out but there aren't many access points. Still, it is really pretty down there and the cool wind was so nice after the slightly muggy forested walk.
As we rode up to the ranger station for WIFI time, we came across this cool "gypsy caravan". The lady is from Connecticut but travels on her own. Her late husband built this caravan. It does need some work on the roof area but check it out :


Some very cool details....

Some beautiful maple used on the counters and cupboard fronts. It also
has a composting toilet in it and a Dickinson heater like you find in a boat...

We fell in love with it. Can you imagine how cozy
it would be to crawl into that bed at the end of the day? 

Just her and her dog Black Jack, the border collie.
She is quite the adventurer!!
She hangs this sign out so people can see how it was made.
I haven't had time to look yet, but be my guest if you like!
That's it for us today. Tomorrow we are heading up to one of two state parks by Savannah. Not sure which one we will choose...
Hope you all have a great Sunday!!
Thought for the Day: Buddha says.....The trouble is, you "think" you have time.



  1. Hi Nancy & Doug, Just thought I'd let you know that there is free camping for two nights at the Savannah Visitor Centre downtown. I'm not sure this would work for you without a bathroom on board, but worth looking into, perhaps? Enjoy Savannah! We sure do!

  2. Hi P&J - Doug called right to the Visitor Centre downtown and they told him there was not camping allowed. You can park there during the day though. Darn it!!