Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sebastian Inlet FL to Ormond Beach FL (120 Miles)

Reluctantly, we left Sebastian State Park on Wednesday. We really wish we could have had one more day beachcombing down that south side. Oh well….

We wanted to check out the Kennedy Space Center. Doug found out that it was pretty much the same as when we were in Johnson Space Center in Houston. Of course, this is the Cape Canaveral where they did all the launches from so we thought it might be interesting. Problem is that it is so much the same we felt it would be a big waste of money to do this one again. It costs about $56 per person, so lots of money to see much the same stuff. We passed on it but here are a few of the shots from the outside. What we really wanted to see, even from a distance was the launch pad.


Obviously just a mock-up.....

...and more of the same.

For some reason, the Astronaut Hall of Fame was a few miles down the road. Not
sure why they wouldn't be in the same spot but they had a space shuttle mock up here. Here again it was $26 each to get in. We decided to spend our money in other ways.

We "think" this is the launch pad.


Nice drive into the state park. this is Ormond Beach area.


Once again, it was not a long drive to our next destination of Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona Beach. Still, it seemed to take us most of the day to get there. I think it was only about 120 miles. Of course,  there was the grocery trip that had to be done. It seems even though it is small as we don’t really have much for refrigerator space, it still takes time to do. Maybe because you really have to think each and every item through before you take it!!
Tomoka seems to be a really nice state park too. Good facilities but no vendor provided internet at the store (what??). 



 Site 82, home sweet home until Saturday morning!!
We took the bikes out for a nice ride.There are tons of crazy little lagoons all over the place. We would like to see an aerial view of it so we could understand the layout.

View from the little general store...

We were sitting at the little store/boat rental place and looking out into the lagoon when Doug spied a dolphin playing with his food, I mean a fish!! Pretty interesting because you don’t think of these lagoons as having salt water access to anything so to see an ocean going mammal such as a dolphin looks really out of the ordinary. Also, the obligatory alligator sign. Again, please do not swim here……YIKES!!! I will miss those signs when we get back to Canada!!




 Tons of great biking areas....


A little write up about the statue below....



Most of the parks are pretty good about giving small history "snippets"  

Thursday will find us spending the day in Daytona Beach. Unfortunately, there is no bus access we can use so it means that we will break camp and drive in ourselves. Hopefully, we will get the pictures posted at a McDonald’s or Starbucks after we are done and before we head back into the campground. That way, you can get a sense of what we did while on our little self-guided tour of that area!
Until then….

Thought for the Day: Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

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