Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Savannah GA to Cave Spring GA (295 Miles)

Birthday time again!! Time to wish Mason Bucholtz a very Happy 2nd Birthday!! Mason is our great-nephew. I know that, at 2 years old, he won't know we post his birthday on the blog, but we know. We hope he and his Mom & Dad and family all have a great day today!!

Happy Birthday Mason!!
(from somewhere on the Georgia state highway!!)

We were out of the park at 8:00 am, sharply - quite unheard of for us!!

Our drive today took us mostly along Hwy 16, then Hwy 75 and then to a smaller, nicer Hwy 16. Some interstate (necessary evil) and some very enjoyable country roads (hey, there is a song there somewhere I believe!!)

We LOVE these back roads. It always makes us glad that we are piloting our 1993 VW Eurovan (Euri) down these highways and bi-ways. So much nicer than a big rig for us. So much better gas mileage!!

Here are a few of today's pictures. Doug was on camera detail again!!


Yikes, line up for a long way of trucks waiting to get in the scales....

Super pretty area along the Hwy 16, Griffin GA


Very nice forested area.....

Huge, Dogwood trees...which are the official tree of British Columbia!!

More Dogwood trees.....


Pick a lane, any lane!!!

So nice to round the corner and see all the trees - and hills!!!
We haven't seen hills for over a month (Florida is pretty flat!!)

Here we are at Cedar Creek Park in Cave Spring, GA. ( It is a very clean, nice little campground. It is located in a beautiful little valley, surrounded by small mountains and a river. There is lot of kayaking and tubing that happens here. We especially LOVE the internet!! We paid $14.50 on our Passport America membership, which is half price. We will only be here overnight and then on to Memphis!! Check it out:


Front office. They also do lots of rental kayaks and canoes. They
run a shuttle that takes you 5 miles up the river and you float back down!!
Miniature us!! Just spoke with our neighbour, who is on the left of this picture from us.
Super nice gentleman who lives about 2 hours from here, working for the power
company. He has done lots of travel and he really enjoyed our conversation with him!

View from Site #4

Apparently, the river was about 3 feet higher yesterday due to lots of rain!!




Ready for wine!!
Okay, that is it for us today. We are all caught up on the blog and Doug will soon be all caught up on finances. (I am sure he can hardly wait!!). Tomorrow we will be in Memphis at the Graceland RV Park, which is located right across the street from Graceland. We have some friends from Nova Scotia, Paula & Jerry, that we hope will be meeting us there. We are super stoked!!!
Thought for the DayIn the words of Marc Cohen....."Walking in Memphis, walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale.
That's where we will be shortly!!  See you soon!!

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  1. Looks like your still scratching that travel bug and enjoying life.
    Hope you enjoy Graceland as much as we did years ago.
    Missing you guys and the fun we were having together.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.