Sunday, 27 April 2014

Richmond VA to Shawboro NC (147 Miles)

We made a break for it and out of the big city of Richmond!! We left the hotel about 11 am today and headed out south on Hwy 64E. That took us down to Hwy 644S and under and over the Monitor Merrimac Tunnel/Bridge crossing under and over the James River and Hampton Reads water areas. Once over that waterway, it was off at Hwy 168 and then a right onto Hwy 1107 and then onto Garrington Road. If you are trying to imagine where we are, we are about 50 miles south of the Virginia border not quite on an area called the Outer Banks. We are a slight bit inland from that. I did not do the traditional state flag for a welcome as I did it last time we entered North Carolina. This is our second go-around.

Funny, we both thought this reminded us of Poche's Fish 'n Camp in Breaux Bridge LA. It is very nice and we think we will enjoy the next two days of peace and quiet after all the trappings of the race weekend. We are both looking forward to it. Tucked in safe and sound at Site #58.

First, here are some road pictures:

Loading up some coal, near Chesapeake just before the tunnel.

Entrance to the tunnel...

Sorry, road reflections again!



See, I still think that every town and city should have a water tower
to mark their names - you know, no more grain elevators left!!

Last 5 or 6 miles in to the campground.....

Lots of farming areas....



Main building behind us with bathrooms & showers.

Quite a number of monthly trailers, kinda in front of us. We believe
that they are mostly fishermen who come and go. Some other campers around the
little fishing pond in the back of us. All in all, pretty clean little place.
So we are here, as I said, for 2 nights. It does seem funny to go "backwards" as I told Doug, which means we headed south rather than north. We really wanted to see the coastal area of Cape Hatteras National Seashore and we didn't have opportunity to see it before we went inland to do the "music tour" in Tennessee. Plus we figure that it is still a bit nippy much further north so we will hang around this area for, likely, the next week. The stop here at North River Campground is nearly at the seashore but we decided to call it a day and stay put for 2 nights.
We also wanted to give a really big shout out to our son, Josh, for completing his first ever 10 Km run, The Vancouver Sun Run!! Way to go, we are super proud of you. No one in our family has ever done any kind of run like that so we think it is pretty cool.
He was really in a race against himself and completed the 10 kms in 1 hour & 14 minutes. He finished 12,065th of 19,360 men. Sorry we weren't there to cheer you on at the finish line but I am pretty sure that the most important people in your life were there after all!! Kathy & Gus, your biggest fans!! Way to go!!
Our hometown of Vancouver.....
Now, there's a cheering squad!!!
Congratulations Josh!!
Hope everyone has a great and restful Sunday.
Thought for the Day: Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what is even scarier? Regret.

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