Saturday, 26 April 2014

Richmond VA (Day 2)

Drivers.....start your engines!!!

Well, this is how a race day is supposed to look like! Bright and sunny, beautiful blue skies and no wind. More importantly, no rain and no lightning!!

We got to the track about 2 pm today. We were parked W-A-Y far away. But it was a parking lot that was already in full party mode with music blaring, bbq's going and people partying everywhere. Tailgating at it's finest!! 

We spent quite a long while just walking through all the manufacturing displays, food displays and just generally people watching. The Richmond Inter'l Raceway  and NASCAR group decided to do something different this race. They opened the track for a race fan "walk-about" for 2.5 hours. It sounded like a great idea until we got closer to the track and saw the blocks long line-up to get onto the track! This racetrack holds about 97,000 fans and I think they were all trying to get onto the track! We opted to walk all the ay around the outside (behind the barrier fence) of the track and enjoyed that anyway!!

Doug with his favourite driver's car....No 99, Carl Edwards

This interior of Carl's car looks even more crowded than Euri's interior!!

Me with one of my favourite driver's cars....No 16, Greg Biffle,
who by the way, is a native of Vancouver WA!!

Looked to us like there was lots of room on the track but
every entrance had those line-ups that were at least a block long.....


Millions of dollars worth of equipment being hauled by these semi-trucks.

Turn 4

Starter's stand

Nice fan "meet and greet" with Carl Edwards.
He is a very amicable, funny driver....

Lots of questions from fans.....

Lots of people gathered We were here early so we got
a great standing spot by the's all in the planning!!

This is better!! We decided to just go and sit in our seats
about 5:30 pm and enjoy watching all the goings on.

Main stage, way down there, for opening ceremonies.

One snazzy sky diver....

One lonely cargo plane fly-over!
We were a tad disappointed because after the national anthem there is
often a very big, noisy fly-by of Air Force jets, swooping over the crowd.

Nice evening....


Amazing sunset tonight!


Anytime there is a re-start, there are many fans who stand up and
point the direction that the cars should go. I am sure the
drivers find this very helpful!! :-)

Now, it's over and EVERYONE tries to leave at once!!

Joey Lugano, No. 22, wins. He was so happy that he
turned donuts in the car and burned his tires right off!!
All in all, it was a great day, beautiful weather and my travelling best friend was extremely happy to see his first NASCAR race, in person (so was I)!!
It took us a long time to get out of the parking lot. We actually sat in the van, had a bowl of cereal (dinner) and then read for a bit. No point in sitting in a non-moving, grid locked lineup for nothing!!
Sunday we are heading for Shilo NC. It is slightly south of us and back in North Carolina on the coast. Looks like we could be getting some poor weather. We'll see!! Not sure of internet status. I think we will be okay.
Thought for the Day: Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.


  1. What a thrill it must have been for you NASCAR enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy that part of the country as much as I'd planned to do - and will do someday!

    1. This part of your country is beautiful for sure - you will get here one day!!

  2. I watched the race on TV, bet it is more exciting being in the stands!

  3. Carl Edwards lives about 35 minutes from me. He lives in Columbia Missouri

    1. He spoke all about Columbia. He obviously is very proud of his hometown!!