Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ormond Beach FL to St. Marys GA (123 Miles)

We left Tomoka State Park this morning about 10:00 am and sauntered our way up I-95. It is, unfortunately, one of those 3 lane, 70 mph freeways. The peacefulness of the A1A that we took throughout Florida was officially, gone!!

On route, we stopped briefly for a little VW Bus show at a local fairground. It was all the old micro-buses but still neat to see....




Yes, I am sure we have!!




 Here is our ultimate camping vehicle!!


Alligator hat for Gus!!
The state of Georgia is glad it is on our mind......and it welcomes us!! Well, so the sign says below. They had a really nice visitor centre where we scooped some pamphlets on the state parks and had our packed lunch. It was only 10 miles to the state park from here.

We arrived at Crooked River State Park near the historic (...not sure why but will try and find out) city of St. Mary's. Doug had checked on-line and found out that it was showing as "full" but we decided to drive into it anyway and hope for the best. Just as we were coming up the steps to the ranger station and reading the sign that said the dreaded "Campground Full" sign, a lady came out and told us that she had just given up her night's reservation and there would be a spot!! Great news for us as it looks like an awesome little park!!
Road that winds it's way into the ranger station....

 Our view through the trees, towards the river....

 Comfy parked at Site #2

Took a little ride on the way back to the ranger station for WIFI!!

We "think" we will stay here for one more night......but who knows? It is very nice and there are some really nice trail walks we want to do tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and a great Sunday to come!!


Thought for the Day: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.


  1. In 08 when Kathy and I were in Flagstaff there was a rally of VW owners. They apparently travel all over the US.
    Glad you turned us on to State Parks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. State parks really are great, aren't they. Sometimes they don't work but we feel they are the BEST way to see an area at it's finest!! Take care, you two!!

  2. Hi Doug and Nancy:
    I've been so out of touch lately - sorry. But, you're just continuing to have a wonderful visit in the US. Now you have Georgia on your minds! I hope I'll make it to that part of the US within the next year or so. I'm two weeks from incision day; and am enjoying family (including Spencer, my wandering son, home for a month from Belgium). We've had family injuries and family fun; while we watch the rain and hope it'll continue for our dry California hills.
    Are you going to Savannah?