Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ormond Beach FL (Day 2)

We made our trek into Daytona Beach today. First stop was a Waffle House restaurant for breakfast. We have seen approximately 500 of these since we have been on the road. We can now say that we have been and we don't need to go back! 

Next stop was Daytona International Speedway!! I make no apology for the fact that I am a big NASCAR fan. Don't care how much bugging people put on me, I really enjoy it. We meant to only stop by and get the picture of the van by the sign.


Took this for Josh - his favourite driver, Jimmy Johnson, #48

It was on the Walk of Fame for all the winning drivers.....
We decided to do an "all access" tour. We opted out of the extra space centre tour and felt that this was much better suited to our tastes and it did not disappoint!!!
We went all around the track, up into a VIP club suite, around turn 3, which has a 30 degree bank, the start/finish line, which has a 13 degree bank. Into the Nationwide and Sprint car garages. Victory lane, pit lane, driver's meeting room, inspection area. Super interesting for us.
Come on along for a ride....

View from the VIP suite.....

Coming into Turn 3...

Now, that is a high slope!!!

There is a $400 million expansion going on here. Lots of cranes adding
new seats. It will be massive!!! In 2008 on Dayton's 50th anniversary, they
had 250,000+ people in attendance. It is like a city within a city!! 


Right on the start/finish line!!

Next time I watch a race here, I will think of the cars
going by this spot at nearly 200 mph!!!

Pit lane....

Victory lane.....hey, who are they???

Driver's meeting room - Meet Mr. Race Director!!

Sprint cup garages....

Inspection area....
When we got out to the parking lot, there was a news crew asking people's opinions regarding the fact that the city had given $20 million to extra expansion of hotels, shopping and motels across the street. Too bad we won't be able to watch it!! They seemed especially interested that we were from Canada. They wanted a tourists take on it!! 

Doug being interviewed!!
What a great end to a great morning!!
After this, it was off to Daytona Beach. For those who do not know, Daytona Beach was very famous for stock car racing on the beach and now we can see why. The sand is absolutely hard packed, like concrete. So different from Sebastian Inlet, just 120 miles south!! Daytona Beach is just about 15 minutes straight east of the speedway on Int'l Speedway Blvd (what else?).
Interesting things along the way....










Absolutely miles and miles of this super hard packed, perfectly smooth sand.
So strange.....


Good-bye from the Daytona Beach boardwalk!!
Back to the campground for us. We will not have internet on Friday. We will be leaving Florida on Saturday morning. We have IMMENSELY enjoyed our time in this amazing, diverse state. The beaches have been all different but great and the animals, flora & fauna and people have been amazing.
Thanks Florida!!! 
Somebody got their new books from Florida!!
Friday we will stay at the campground and go for more of those great bike rides. There is also a little live concert at the general store from 6 pm to 8 pm we will try and get to. Might have to bring our head lamps to get back home afterwards!! We will be on the road on Saturday morning and will report from Georgia!!!
NOTE: Sorry I have not been responding to everyone's comments on the blog. We appreciate and see every one of them but since I have been working from a McDonald's the past week or so it is difficult to sit and answer them. Best I can do is to get the post done and then we are on our way. Once we get a better situation with internet, then I will be able to start answering them again!! Thanks again - always glad you are all out there!!
Thought for the Day: Welcome to our firepit...where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time!!

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  1. Looks like you had another great day of exploring and having fun.
    Does that mean that we'll have to ask Doug for his autograph the next time we see him now that he's a TV celebrity.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time..