Friday, 4 April 2014

Ormond Beach (Day 3)

This morning we had a very exciting event. Doug was walking back from the bathroom and was at the edge of our campsite and yells for me….."come quick!!"





This Eastern Diamond Back rattlesnake was just making his way across our campsite through the leaves. Doug said that it actually had it’s head up in the air and shook it’s rattle a bit at him. He figures that he was about 1 meter (3 feet) away. THAT’S a little too close for comfort, I would say. The campground was very empty at this point in the day. There was no one across from us and no one beside us. The ranger later told us that is likely why it came out. They are very shy and will not venture near noise but because he was on route “somewhere” and Doug came strolling along, he felt threatened. What an AMAZING experience!! (….well, Doug had another set of descriptive words for it!!) It was approximately 5 feet long and nicely plump. Must be keeping itself well fed on the lizards and squirrels here!! WOW and double wow!! It was hard to top that for the rest of the day!!
We had got a tip on a bike path that would lead us right back into Ormond Beach so off we went. It is about 5 miles back into town. First, you go about 1 mile along this great path at the edge of the state park.

 Just outside the park we stopped to look at a house for sale. It is 1700 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Now, keep in mind it is within 10 minutes of the world famous Daytona Beach and all it’s history. Price….$159,000!! We couldn’t believe it. In Vancouver, you can’t buy a studio apartment for that price!! It’s a pretty sweet little place. The ad says it needs a bit of updating but from all accounts it looks pretty well cared for!
You then continue on about 4 miles further. We ended up at a little park, right beside the big bridge that we took into Daytona Beach on Thursday. We rode around the park area for a bit then ventured further up into the town of Ormond Beach and had a bit of lunch and then rode back. Probably about 12 miles total. Again, Florida is pretty much totally flat so we feel like we are cheating a bit but that’s okay, right? In the second picture down, you are looking across the canal to Daytona Beach, where we were the day before!

The name of this bank has me laugh every time I see it!!

I am not sure if the guy in the car was laughing
when Doug rode in on his bike ahead of him to the ATM!!



On the way home we took another route back home through the park and made a few stops along some of the lagoons...
Friday evening, the people who run the Tomoka Outpost (the general store) in the state park, Billy and Dani, did a little concert in their store. It was really more like just sitting in someone’s living room and listening to friends singing. What a great evening. They played Irish folk songs, 1920's old tunes, a few old rock songs, songs from her time at a Renaissance Fair.  Plus we were treated to Billy's rock 'n roll ukulele. Really, a very enjoyable evening. If you are staying at Tomoka or are nearby, check out the Tomoka Outpost on Friday & Saturday to see if they are playing - the more the merrier!!  
Great little store and I swear I could smell Key Lime pie baking???

Book and movies to borrow if you are camping. Tables for cards and chess....
Billy & Dani.....



Their dog was ready to go home!!

Afterwards we rode home in the dark, with one of our flashlights. We were witness, for the second time in our lives, to fireflies. This just can never get old. I mean, fireflies!!! They twinkle and dart around, always in the edge of the underbrush like someone has lit a thousand miniature Christmas lights to guide you home. We love them!!
We are getting ready to leave Florida behind. We have been here since February 27th and we have enjoyed every minute of it. We have pretty much driven the entire coast. We have been witness to manatees, alligators, three different venomous snakes, a multitude of new birds, lizards, iguanas and….. FIREFLIES!!!! We have heard, but not seen, wild boars routing around our campsite at night.  Such an extremely diverse and incredible state. It has left us with so many memories that we have tried to share with you all.  I hope we have done it justice. It is quite the wonderful place to visit. But, if you come here,  do yourself a favour and try and stay in the state parks. They are the “real” Florida!!

Thought for the Day: People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing....Dale Carnegie


  1. Interesting. Apparently we saw a different Florida than you did! Last time we were there for a month with our motorhome, we said "never again!". Too busy, too many people, and too expensive. Not that there weren't some good moments, but overall not our thing.

    1,700 sq ft? What would anybody do with all of that space?!!

    1. Yes, Florida is quite expensive. We did our walkabouts in the busy spots like Miami Beach but that was enough for us, we like the peace & quiet of the state parks. That is where you see the "nice" part of Florida!!

      The house? We just thought it was an interesting comparable to housing costs in Vancouver! And, since we live in 550 sq ft, I am glad to not have to clean 1700 sq ft!