Friday, 18 April 2014

Nashville TN to Pigeon Forge TN (224 Miles)

First a big shout out to Two Rivers Campground in Nashville for a great stay. Perhaps the cleanest bathrooms and grounds we have come across in our nearly 4 months on the road. Thanks to Dan, Tabitha, Elizabeth and everyone else for all the friendly smiles and all the help!! We highly recommend them!! They are located conveniently to all Nashville has to offer and the shuttle and tour options are great!!

Check them out at: 

We had a great drive today. We took the big I-40 as far east of Nashville as Lebanon. Then we cut down south of the I-40 to Hwy 70. This is our favourite type of travel. It is a beautiful 2 lane, country highway that meanders through, perhaps, some of the prettiest countryside we have seen in a while. Hwy 70 wandered us through the small towns of Watertown, Sparta to Crossville. From there it was onto Hwy 68 that takes you south and east through Grandview and over to Madisonville. At Madisonville, we turned left (north) onto Hwy 411 through to Marysville, which is a bit of a four laner for a little while. After that it was east again on Hwy 321 to Pigeon Forge (did you get all that Diane J?)   Doug's sister, Diane like to follow us on a map so I try and remember to give her our driving directions when they go off the beaten path, which this certainly did today. We actually only added about 20 miles distance over the interstate but we definitely added a bit more time to wind our way through all the little towns. Check out the pictures and see if you think it was worth it. Keep in mind, of course, that "road pictures" are never the best anyway!!





Watts Bar Dam area...

It looks like they have some type of "lock" system here....

In the I see MOUNTAINS?
The Great Smoky Mountains!!!
It's been a long, long time since we have seen mountains!!



There were quite a few warnings for trucks about the
switchbacks on this pass. "Consider another route"!!

The greeting committee for Site #67

Bathroom building right behind us!!
Seems that we lost another hour again on the road today. We are now back on Eastern Time. The state of Tennessee is divided in half for time zones!! We actually arrived here about 6:30 pm (EST) but our clocks said it was 5:30 pm (CST). The campground is situated between a quiet country road and a nice creek. It was a bit dark to get very good pictures today, but I will get better ones tomorrow. This park honours Passport America so that means we have our spot for $21.33 (incl. tax). After the big cities we have been in, it is a pretty reasonable rate.  
There is a little shuttle that comes into the park to take you to the town. The gentleman in the office told us that for $2.50 each, you can ride the shuttle for the whole day, getting on and off. Just our style!!!
We aren't sure what we are doing tomorrow. I can tell you that Dollywood is not open until next weekend but even if it was we would pass on it. It costs about $58 each to get in!!!
Thought for the Day: Good manners and kindness are always in fashion.


  1. Methinks the Peabody ducks have followed you . . . Have fun!

    1. I think they have! Now, if we could only get the "not so well-mannered" children from across the campground road to stop throwing their big rubber balls at them and proclaiming "I got one" when they hit them, things would be great for the ducks......guess it's all in the raising. Respect!!

  2. Once you've see Pigeon Forge you might want to head up the road to Gatlinburg. Unfortunately the Blue Ridge Mountain Highway (road) might not be open yet because that would meander you through to North Carolina. The view is breathe taking.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We will definitely head over there tomorrow. The surrounding hills are very pretty. All this tourism certainly does wonders for the economy here though!

  3. Pigeon Forge has grown into an abomination. I remember it when it had one motel, one restaurant, and a pottery studio. Won't go near the place now.

    1. Yes, I imagine it has changed over many years. Consider that there are only 84,000 people who live in the county and on any given summer evening there are 60-70,000 visitors between the Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville areas. Such a huge tourist influx. Guess things definitely change. Some like it, some don't I suppose.