Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nashville TN (Day 4)

Boy, did we hit the town today, with Jerry & Paula!! We had a great time on Music Row in downtown Nashville TN. We took the shuttle downtown from the campground. As I said before, it is always a good deal for us as we don't have a vehicle to get down there. Also, if you want to have any drinks, you don't want to drive!!

Pretty much all of the bands on Broadway work for tips so they really play hard!! They never now who is out there listening!! The neat thing about being down here is that the bands pretty much play from 10 am to about 3 am in the morning. It is cool to be able to go down there in the late afternoon and start your fun by listening in the bars early!! Not to sound "old" but just fun to go early and get good seats!!

We had an amazing time with Jerry & Paula. Check this out!
BHA 328 - Paul & Jerry's old Nova Scotia license plate.
They had it hung up last year at their favourite bar!!
It is called Layla's Bluegrass Inn 
But The Taylors (I think) Mother and daughter band played here.
The Mom is listed as one of the top 20 female guitarists in the US....

Hey, some good people have been here!! us!!

Oh boy - then it was into Tootsie's.
We almost didn't make it out of here!!

Mi tres amigos!!!

Walls full of pictures of the famous who have played here.
Willie Nelson & Kris Kristofferson lived upstairs.
 It is across the lane from the famous Ryman Auditorium.
The Devil went Down to Georgia, played on the bar!!!

What a group of friends!!!

Then, it was on to the land of Robert's and fried bologna sandwiches!!!

Paula captures the essence of Robert's sign. 
First band.....
Second band - both were great!!
So were the tequila shots!! 
And, as promised by Jerry, the fired bologna sandwich was outstanding!!
For $5 it even comes with chips and a beer!!
Yup, there's our friends.....
This street  is a neon sign mecca!!








Jerry makes a friend with the busker on the corner making music
with a Styrofoam cup......

Great friends.....

Okay, everyone back on the bus......
So, with that, we left Broadway behind and climbed into the bus. We did a lot of damage in just 4 hours but we loved every minute of it!! 
So much thanks to Jerry & Paula for all the laughs and fun. We are sure looking forward to seeing them in Kingston Nova Scotia in a month!!
For all those keeping track, we were supposed to leave here on Thursday but we have decided to stay on for one more day. We still have some exploring to do downtown!!
Thought for the Day: Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry.....


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  2. You captured the fun perfectly, Nancy, from beginning to end! Great job! It sure was fun having you in Nashville with us this year. We had a grand time with you! We'll have some fun memories to rehash when you mosey up to see us in Nova Scotia. Can't wait! Good friend and good times! Here's to more!