Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nashville TN (Day 3)

First and always are our birthday wishes!!

Happy Birthday to Meagan Coates. We are hoping that you have an amazing day!!

Meagan, have a good one!!!
Boy, was it chilly last night. We have now moved far enough north that the warmth of Florida is all but a distant memory. I am sure we will see more someday!! I think it got down to about 3 C (35 F) last night and it is forecast to get even colder tonight. Currently, the rain has stopped and the sun is trying to shine. Even though it's chilly, it sure is pretty!!
Did a bit of shopping around today with Jerry & Paula. Bass Pro Shops are always a fun place to go.....kind like "destination shopping"!!
Not quite as iconic as the Sun  Studio foot shot, but still....

Okay, look out for some wildlife......

I do really hope that these are simply "road kill" animals that they
put to good use. No, the boot is not kicking the raccoon, but it does look like it, right?
So, I donned my wild turkey hunting gear and went "a-hunting"
Seriously, this hat get-up is specifically for wild turkey hunting......

.....see, he never even saw me coming...turkey soup's up!!!!  
And no, I never got asked to leave the store.......just
in case some of you were wondering!!!
Anyway, after all that messing around at Bass Pro Shops we had lunch with Jerry & Paula and about 5:30 pm Doug & I caught the shuttle up to the Grand Ole Opry. The shuttle only cost $5 each round trip. Much cheaper than a cab would have cost. We are always happy for those shuttles!! 
Just hangin' with my buddy at the Grand Ole Opry!!!!
These were amazing seats. Only 12 rows up from the stage but the floor is on a slight incline so you have an excellent view of the stage. We were just slightly off centre. Apparently, they hold this row for performers families/friends and if they are not required they are put back on sale. Guess that is what we caught just at the right time. The lady sitting next to me said she saw seats in this row, for this night at $500 on a Craigslist type of ad. Crazy!!!! Doug bumped into a gentleman here at the campground that was also going. He and his wife could only get standing room tickets and they paid $46 each for them......
Just a bit of history on the Grand Ole Opry and radio station WSM. But, you all know the drill. All you have to do is Google History of Grand Ole Opry for even more interesting tidbits. It is the longest running, live, on-air broadcast in the world. Pretty impressive....
The Grand Ole Opry is broadcast live on WSM-AM at 7 p.m. CT on Saturday nights.
A similar program, the Friday Night Opry, airs live on Friday nights. From March
through December, the Tuesday Night Opry is also aired live.
Tonight there were 7 performers altogether. They have always done it that way in order to showcase many different talents in the same show. I guess, considering their long run, it seems to be working. Now, a few of these performers we had never heard of. We have lost touch with country music over the past decade but we enjoyed every single one of them. Here they are in order of performance.....

Terri Clark. We have always liked her. She is from
Medicine Hat, Alberta. It doesn't get much more country than that! 

Crazy guys called Riders in the Sky. Pretty good, old time
cowboy songs. I think we have seen them on TV before.....

New talented young lady who was making her Opry debut,
Lindsay Ell. Reportedly, Randy Bachmann "discovered" her. She was
an absolutely amazing guitar player!

Sam Palladio. Actor and singer from England. Great
performer and some really great songs.....

Old timer, Bill Anderson.....

Jana Kramer....I thought she was just okay.

The big head-liner, Hunter Hayes. To be fair, he is a very talented 22 year old
guy who plays 31 instruments. Pretty amazing. Watch for him!! 

Pretty much brought the house down and he deserved it too.
I mean, I don't even know 31 different instruments!!
All in all it was another great day in Nashville (well, except the laundry part that I forgot to mention earlier). It will be a cold night coming up. No rain during the day today and now a big moon but it is now only 4.5 C (40 F) and it is rumoured to be going down below freezing. Yes, we finally had to dig out the little heater again! (Oh, and the long-johns too!!).
Luckily tomorrow it is supposed to be going up into the 15.5 C range (60 F) with a low tomorrow night of 3.8 C (39 F).
Tomorrow we are heading into music Row (downtown) to visit some honky-tonks with P&J. We will get the shuttle down there and then do the Hop on/Hop off trolley for a bit. Should be fun.
I will bring my turkey hunting mask too!!
Thought for the Day: Yes, I know I can't sing....Yes, I am going to keep on singing anyway!