Monday, 14 April 2014

Nashville TN (Day 2)

We did have some rain and wind last night. Nothing problematic just was there.  We spent a really enjoyable evening getting settled here at Two Rivers Camground. Really nice park!!

We visited with Shad, Tina & Otis. They are a travelling family staying across from us. Shad is involved in the music industry and Tina is a Pediatric Massage Therapist. She also runs a group called Liddle Kidz Foundation. (Nuturing Touch for the Growing Child) and she has just done a book for parents and professionals on the importance of massage for children. In fact, that is the name of the book Massage for Children. She and her foundation are reintegrating good touch back into our society and into parenting. Looks super cool and guess who got one autographed book for Gus??? Straight from the author herself.

Anyway, we had a great time visiting with Tina, Shad and 5 year old Otis. He is a little ball of fire and I am pretty sure the subject of the artwork on the front cover!! Thanks Tina for the book. We will ensure that Gus' parents get this when we get back. Go on her website and see her credentials and the testimonials from medical professionals.

Please, check out her foundation at:

Thanks Tina, Shad & Otis!!
Great step by step info to follow.....

Lots of technical information too!!
We headed out this morning to walk to the Opryland Hotel. It is about 2 miles from where the campground is. For part of the walk, the road runs near the highway but is a frontage road. There is no sidewalk but is a pretty quiet street so there was no problem walking. 
Love the Dogwood trees!!
This hotel is worthy of an entire afternoon walking through all the various atriums. It is just like being in a beautiful park.There are four separate areas, three of which have massive indoor atriums. It's like walking through a gigantic terrarium. The plants are breathtakingly beautiful. It is totally covered and so huge it is likely it's own micro climate. Here is a little history.
On Thanksgiving Day in 1977, the Opryland Hotel opened its doors to guests for the first time. The hotel was originally built to support the Grand Ole Opry, a Nashville country music institution. The hotel at that time had 580 guest rooms and a ballroom. Seven years later, in 1984, the hotel had outgrown its size and was expanded with the addition of 480 rooms and facilities to accommodate a meeting and convention market. A Garden Conservatory resembling a Victorian garden was added. This atrium maintained a constant temperature of 71 degrees and housed more than 10,000 plants. In 1988, 2 acres and 797 guest rooms were added to the hotel. The Cascades Atrium was built, including a 3.5-story waterfall and more than 8,000 tropical plants. In 1996, a 4.5-acre expansion doubled the size of the resort, adding 1,024 guest rooms, 10 meeting rooms and a 57,000-square-foot ballroom. The outstanding feature of this addition was the inclusion of the Delta Atrium, which included a quarter-mile-long Delta River. Delta Flatboats were included to carry guests along the river past a water feature with a fountain choreographed to music. The Old Hickory Steak House, built to resemble an antebellum-style mansion, was added. On May 2, 2010, a flood devastated Nashville and caused considerable damage to the Opryland Hotel. Guests were evacuated as the flood waters rose as high as 10 feet in some parts of the hotel. The hotel underwent renovations and reopened Nov. 15, 2010. Today, the hotel is known as the Gaylord Opryland and has 2,881 rooms and suites. More than 750 garden atrium rooms overlook the hotel's 9 acres of indoor gardens.



So nice to do these things during the early part of the
week when there aren't so many other "lookie-loos" like us around!! 

Some of the plants look prehistoric!!

This is a full-sized restaurant styled like an
old southern mansion, inside the atrium!!!


Here is the International River that runs all around this
area. See the info below...
So, all our BC peeps - here are the bodies of
water that were put into this river from our province!!

It just meanders all the way through it!!




After that it was off for a walk behind the hotel to the Grand Ole Opry. I was surprised because I thought the Grand Ole Opry was a very old building but this looked quite new.


We have always liked country music, blues, etc. Doug checked the website to see if we could get tickets to go to this iconic theatre but there was nothing available. We decided to walk in and check out their "Backstage Tour" and see what that was all about.....BUT, when we asked at the ticket counter, they had a cancellation for two really good seats for Tuesday night's show with none other than Terri Clark, who is from Medicine Hat AB but has made a very good name for herself in US country music scene. We are super excited to go to the show. There are also others performing. We will be reporting back on that on Wednesday!!! 
Pretty excited. Needless to say, we did not take that other tour!!
After all this, it was a quick lunch out and a walk back to the campground to meet up with our Nova Scotia buddies, Jerry & Paula. A few beers on the patio and the rain started and suddenly happy hour was over!!
Tomorrow is just a simple day. We are all going to go to the Bass Pro Shop and Camping World. Still, it will be a good time when you hang with the Gales and Beglaws!!
Thought for the Day: Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind..... 


  1. Did you see the Di Vine lady when you were there? If not you must go back tomorrow! We saw her in 2008, see here:

    1. No, we did not see her. Unfortunately we cannot get back but we did look it up on the web and she looks quite interesting!! Thanks for checking in with us!!