Friday, 11 April 2014

Memphis TN (Day 2)

First of all, Euri did NOT need new tie rods. In fact, he didn't need anything at all.

We were VERY impressed with Winchester Tire & Alignment. Adrain took great pains to make sure that the van was absolutely fine. If you can imagine the scenario. A traveller comes into town "thinking" that their vehicle needed new tie rods OR at the very least maybe new tires. Now that is likely to be a $500-600 bill, either way. It would have been a very good chance for an unscrupulous company to take advantage.

Instead, they gave us the most respectful service, took lots of time checking only to come to the conclusion that it needed nothing and all parts were fine. Phew!! That was a great relief, especially to our pocketbook!! And they are conveniently located just about 1-1/2 minutes from Graceland RV Park!! Plus, they have a fabulous waiting room, tidy, clean, new magazines and coffee!!

Spa time.....

So, if you are in the Memphis TN area and need anything done in this regard, do not hesitate to call the great people at Winchester Tire & Alignment. They have been in business under the same owners since 1972 - pretty good in all respects!!

Check them out at: 

Thanks everyone at Winchester Tire & Alignment!! Great service is here!!


After this, it was back to the park, re-set up and make breakfast and then head off to our tour at Graceland. The great thing about this park is that you walk to the ticket area, right next door, board the shuttle which takes you just across the street to Graceland. It would actually be quicker to just walk across the street but it is a pretty efficient set-up. Cost is $37 per person for the platinum tour or $34 for the regular tour. There is also a VIP tour but it is super costly.

So, hold on and here we go. Come on to Graceland with us!!

Just leaving the parking lot area to go get the tickets is a bridge that many people
have signed. Of course, I can not pass up this opportunity!!

...oh, yes he will!!!

Let's go!!!
They give you headsets that you can turn off and on. Then once they get you started
on the tour, you just move from place to place at your own speed. There were people
at each room, discreetly standing off to the side, watching all was fine. Once you enter the house this is what you see....

Living room on the right hand side....

Dining room on the left side, which leads into the kitchen....

 Straight in front of the front door is the big staircase that leads up to the second floor
and the bedrooms. I liked the fact that the public are NOT allowed up there.
A little respect....

Through the side of the dining room into the kitchen. Apparently there
was staff on duty 24 hrs a day as they were often lots of people in the house
until all hours. Very "regular" type of kitchen.....

Onto the Jungle Room - which was actually named by the public!!

I don't care how old this is - it is my type of decorating now!!!
Well, maybe I would change the green shag carpeting!!
After you do the main house upstairs, you head downstairs to the "rec room and pool rooms" Again, this is just a regular sized house by today's standards. For some reason, I thought, like the legend, that the house was HUGE, but it is not. Just a normal size....


The walls and ceiling were all draped in this fabric!!

Crazy dark down there!

Just how many times DID Elvis touch this doorknob. This hallway leads
back up to behind the kitchen by the Jungle Room.....
Backyard at Graceland....

 Separate building houses the office....


Separate building houses the incredible amount of awards,
stage outfits, movie memorabilia, etc....

My favourite Elvis song.....
This one is hard to read but it is Teddy Bear. Doug and Lacey
like to sing this together so this is dedicated to her!!

The first movie I remember going to with my family!
Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Another separate building that has a bit of gym equipment. It
used to be the racquetball courts beside this room but was converted
into another memorabilia room.....

This piano was played by Elvis ON the day he sad to
 not have taken care of your health, given all that money.

This room has a concert loop playing beautiful songs. It was like a church with
very hushed talking and VERY respectful people. Very magical like in there.
This was the old racquetball court area....

More stage outfits.....

Floor to ceiling awards yet the only award presentation Elvis ever
went to was for by the Jaycees for Young Inspirational Men at which he was honoured.

After all that it was outside to see the Meditation Garden. Elvis was interred in a mausoleum at a local cemetery initially (sorry, don't know the name). Apparently Vernon Presley wanted him to be brought back to Graceland as he felt it was the proper resting place. He is buried there with his Mom Gladys, Dad Vernon, Grandma Minnie and a special plaque for his twin brother who died at birth. Quite the site to see for sure.....






Doug just awaiting his invite to the pool party!!

Hey, Welcome to Graceland!!!

Oh my gosh - bet you thought I would be done by now, huh? So, after all that you go back across the street from where you started and you can go through the many museums and displays there. One is the car museum and the other are his two planes....

The very famous pink Cadillac he gave to his Mom....


The Lisa Marie jet. On her 9th birthday, they flew her and a bunch of her
friends up to 40,000 ft and had birthday cake.....
Pretty sweet day I would say, just like most kids get!
Later in the afternoon, we went back to get a few more pictures once the gates had closed. You notice the rock fence around the property (you can just see the house to the right of the sign). Well, this entire fence and brick pillars have tens of thousands of signatures. So, you know what I did, right? Besides, we HAD to get the bikes in a place of prominence!! (However, no foot shots....I know!!!)


I found a sweet place, just to the right of the big gates on the first brick pillar. Look
for it if you go there!! I had my handy dandy sharpie with me, of course!!


 Well, I did have to pick a little gum off the mortar - some people have NO class!!
Not me....the gum sticker person!!

 Now, here's the shot we wanted, in front of THE gates!!

For dinner, a local BBQ joint, Marlowe's, will send their pink limo for no charge and pick you up. Good gig since you go to their restaurant. We thought it was great!  


Good BBQ joint - Guy Fieri has done a Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives show from here...

And that's all folks!!!
I know - HUGE post, huh? Sorry about that but it was hard to edit it down any less than that. I could have put in even more pictures!!
I am dedicating this post to my sister-in-law, Diana Beglaw. She is probably the biggest Elvis fan I know. Hope you enjoy it lady! You HAVE to come here!!! You can even bring Don too!!
So, tomorrow a little more touring around. We want to see Sun Records, Stax Records and a few other things. PLUS......we have some good friends from Nova Scotia, Jerry & Paula, who are arriving tomorrow afternoon and we are going to hit Beale Street tomorrow night with them. Boy, that should be fun - stay tuned!!
Thought for the Day:  Change the way you see things and the things you see will change....Wayne Dyer


  1. I'll be there with my hunka hunka burnin' love tomorrow! See y'all soon! Can't wait!

  2. Thanks for the great post! Can't wait to be there myself. Please say greetings to Paula and Jerry.

  3. We went there years ago but I don't remember the large tombstone...
    I would definitely go to Marlowe's.