Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Jupiter Beach FL to Sebastian Inlet FL (75 Miles)

We did another of our “wanderings” today. That means we only went about 125 kms (75 miles)up the coast. We were hoping to see a little more water but, once again, the housing was covering up most of it. However, having said that, we both liked the look of Vero Beach. Seemed like a “regular” type of community. Not such huge resorts and condos.

Waiting for the drawbridge to open. Balloon vendor!!


Doug thought this was funny.
A boat, busting out of a boat storage place...making a run for it!




We decided, on a whim, to check in at Sebastian Inlet State Park. It showed nothing available on line but sometimes when you just drive in they have 1 or 2 "non-reservable" spots left. We were in luck!! This is another winner in the Florida State Parks department. Nice sites, great bathrooms. The park is dissected by, of all things, Sebastian Inlet. You camp on one side of the inlet but you can go over the bridge to the big fishing pier, restaurant and one of the enormous shell-filled beaches. Or you can stay on the inlet side and go underneath the big bridge and go south,  down the other part of their sandy beach. Nice either way.  I was a bit of a chicken riding over the bridge. It is not designed for bikers. It has very low sides and no bike lane. I (which means “we”) opted to walk my bike over. You don’t need an unconfident biker on a bridge or roadway, right? It isn’t far but if you had little ones, you would not be able to do that. You would have to drive if you wanted to get to the fishing pier. Otherwise, you just walk under the bridge and go on the beach that heads south.
And the beaches…..well I will let the pictures do the talking! 

From the bridge, looking over at the swimming area

On the bridge, looking back south 
View from our lunch spot.
Hey, we had to celebrate surviving the bridge crossing!!

This is the bridge we crossed. The campsite is on that bit
of land you see under the left hand side of the bridge, behind it....

The inlet was roaring out towards the sea as it was nearly low tide....

Okay, so I though I would give you a new sign!!

Looking north from the pier....


Back up the inlet. I would not want to be on this boat!!

I guess you have to take a number to get the prime spots!!


Josh, this is definitely a "shellers" paradise!!

Doug is happiest on the beach!!


Always nice boardwalk access to the beaches....



You can just barely see the inlet behind us....


Since this is a late post (I just changed the date that I posted it so it looks like I did it on Tuesday), we are now in Cape Canaveral (at McDonald's!) and will be on our way to Tomoka State Park, a little further north on the east coast of Florida. We think this will be our last Florida State Park. It is a bit sad as we have really, really enjoyed the state parks here. In the future, I could maybe see us planning a holiday just visiting the state parks. They are fairly cost-effective. Most run between $20-30 per night. The only higher priced ones are the ones on the Keys. They run in the $40 range.
I did a little "shopping" for Gus at the beach!!!
See you at Tomoka!!
Thought for the day: Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve...JK Rowling


  1. The trick of blogging is not telling you rescheduled the date that it is posted.
    Glad you are still enjoying the adventure.
    We'll be leaving Florida on Friday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are probably right about that!!