Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Charlotte NC (Day 2)

Today we headed in to visit Andre, Tammy and Dennis at the M.A. Stewart & Sons office. MAS (as it is affectionately known) is the company that Doug used to work for. He never had the pleasure of meeting any of his North Carolina counterparts so this was like having a family reunion! We had a great time and enjoyed lunch with them at the office.

Thanks everyone for making us feel welcome! You all barely escaped the camera lens of Nancy! Next time......

One thing we have noticed is that Charlotte is a very pretty and green city. I mean, there are trees everywhere. With them all just coming into leaf right now, it looks especially bright green! We really like the city. I think that the tree trimming business must be extremely good here.


After our very enjoyable morning, we headed over to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I am not sure if any of you know but the real history of NASCAR came from the moonshine runners trying to outrun the law through the mountains of the south. After a while, they started honing their cars to outrun each other and the origins of NASCAR were born.

NASCAR is a pretty huge industry!
With an annual revenue of $3.1 billion and an astonishing 75 million fans (40% of whom are women) this is no small potatoes!! Apparently women spend approximately $250 million on NASCAR licensed products!! The television contract is worth $560 million!! Pretty incredible that's for sure.
We spent a few hours in the Hall of Fame and it was very interesting. Lots of films to watch, interactive displays, memorabilia, etc.

This "Glory Road" starts out at a 2% grade with the older cars
and wraps around the building, increasing the grade of the track to 34% with
the cars getting newer and newer. Very well done display with real cars.....


We started way over on the far side.....

Getting steeper.....

Doug shows what  35% grade on a high bank oval looks like!!
Almost impossible to walk up it to the top....

Southern roots - rocking chairs scattered around the building!!

Display on a transporter with car being loaded on the top level....

Hey, my favourite driver!!

Displays that show you how heavy the tires and full gas cans are!


This is the template. They check to ensure the car is shaped correctly....
(See the silver metal thing on the top oft he car?)
This billboard cracked me up. It is for a chicken restaurant. Of course, the cows are very much in favour of you going there too. These cows are life size.....crazy!!
We will be leaving here tomorrow. We have really enjoyed our stay in a "big" room!! It was a welcome change from setting up the van every day. The funny thing is though, when we are away from the van, we start to miss it after a few days!!
We are heading for a park called Smith Mountain Lake State Park in Huddleston, VA. It is about 180 miles northeast of here. We are not sure about internet. Guess we will find out when we get there. If you don't hear from us for a few days you will know why.
On Friday we check into a hotel in Richmond VA for our first ever NASCAR race!!! We are actually going to attend a race. It will be 2 races, both in the evening. One on Friday night for the Nationwide series and the big race on Saturday night for the Sprint Cup series. Really looking forward to it for sure!!
Thought for the Day: Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry....Jack Kerouac 


  1. Great pictures of the NASCAR Hall of Fame you two! We hope you enjoy the races this weekend. We know that is something you've really been looking forward to. There are NO green leaves here yet, so continue to enjoy the ones down south. Cheers, amigos!

  2. We were in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I love the Chic fli a billboards.

    1. Those billboards just cracked me up every time I saw them!! Thanks for checking in on our blog!!