Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cave Spring GA to Memphis TN (353 Miles)

W-A-Y too far, in one day!!! We are such wimps!!

We did a little tour of "Italy" today, with two spots on our travels!! Well, at least we feel like we did. We left Cave Spring GA and headed out on Hwy 27 up to Rome,GA. Turned west on Hwy 20 out of Rome. At the Alabama border, it turned into Hwy 35 and we went through Fort Payne AL (home of one of our favourite country bands, Alabama). At Huntsville, it turns into Hwy 72 and from there it was into Athens AL and then onto Florence AL. We carried on Hwy 72 through Corinth and onto Memphis. That's a lot of driving and a lot of highways!! Four states in one day!!

Anyway it was a great drive and we kept off the interstates as much as possible. Somewhere along the way we changed time zones too. We are now only 2 hours ahead of our West Coast peeps.....

Check out some footage from the day's drive:

 Just a few minutes from Cedar Creek Campground in Cave Spring GA.
Super nice spot. We can definitely recommend them. Beautiful early morning
sun coming up! This countryside looks like the Armstrong BC area.
We loved Georgia. Such a beautiful state.....



Now, since I have already done the Alabama state flag back in late February,
I won't show it to you again, but here is "your" sign!! We started in Georgia, then
Alabama was state number two for the far!

Climbing way up and over the Little River Canyon Nat'l Preserve area.
Super pretty. Reminded me of the caribou area of British Columbia

Downtown Fort Payne AL. Also super pretty area. You wind your way
down that preserve area and come into the town.....

It's in DeKalb County

As you leave the Fort Payne area, you cross the Tennessee Lake, which is fed by, of all things, the Tennessee River. We thought it funny to see these nuclear reactors somewhere off in the distance. Kinda takes away something from this pretty shot.
Oh well....we all need some kind of power I guess!

Here is the lake.....
When you spend as much time on the road as us you see all kinds of funny things. Like this morning, coming at us in the back of a pick-up truck was a GIGANTIC plastic cow. I mean, it was twice the size of the truck. Do you think I could get the camera out quick enough? I mean, who expects to see a giant plastic cow, on a truck....that early in the morning anyway!!
Then, there was a massive tree on the side of Hwy 72 by Cherokee AL that has THOUSANDS of shoes in it. Miss Camera Ready lady, thought they were huge dead leaves as we approached and then....poof, it is too late at 63 mph to get the shot (pretty precise, huh?? Exactly 63 mph!!)
According to a lady, Martha Couch, who lives in Cherokee AL and is an "expert" on shoe trees (how do you become an expert on that anyway?) and the Tuscaloosa News......

.......every time shoes disappear from the tree, more appear to replace them. Currently, the shoe selection ranges from high heels of various colors, including a recently placed pair of turquoise green ones, to Converse tennis shoes to some well-worn work boots.
Martha Couch laughs at rumors that the tree, with its dozens of shoes draped over its branches, is a marker for gang turf. 'That's ridiculous to me because there are plenty of high heels and even baby shoes on that tree,' she said. 'I prefer to think of it as simply a conversation piece.' Whatever one calls it, the tree, with the shoes that adorn its branches, has taken on a personality unlike any other tree in Cherokee.
Nope, it won't. But I am pretty sure a gun won't either!!
And then there was this exaggerated version of "wheels" again. We
have seen this many, many times on our travels. Wagon wheels!! 
Good taste is in the wallet of the believer, I guess!


Pick any route you want. I believe we showed one of these conglomerations
just the other day on our travels! It can get confusing
if you don't know which way you want!!

Mississippi was state number three for the day. We also showed you this
state flag on the same day as we did the Alabama one in February.

 Not all can appreciate this shot but this garbage truck was painted the
very same colour as Euri......I must have been getting tired by this point!!
Anyway, lunch at a roadside stop and we were on the way again. So much to see. And not all of it weird like above, either!!


Just like the other states, Tennessee welcomes us!!
...and here is their state flag!!

Coming into Memphis.....

I am not sure what all the hub-bub is about. Elvis is in the Walgreens
Camera Dept. on Elvis Presley Blvd, just 1/2 mile from our RV park!!!
Okay, that's enough for today.....
Well, maybe just one more. This is for
my dear sister-in-law, Diana Beglaw!!

We are super happy with our spot #76 on Jailhouse Road.
We back onto the green space behind the park so that is nice.
Spots are very tight but it is what we expected.... Very tidy park.


 Looking comfy.....
So, tomorrow we have to take the van into a wheel alignment shop. Doug feels that it is wandering a bit. We have, in Euri's defense, put on 13,179 kms to date. That is more than lots of people put on their vehicles in a year and we have done that in 3.5 months!! Gotta take care of our ride. Hopefully, it won't be too bad.
Doug is concerned he may need tie-rods! (Teagan, sound familiar??)
So, here we are. Incidentally, we are parked close enough to Graceland that we can WALK to it. And we don't even need to leave this big property. Pretty neat. There is also a shuttle service that runs into downtown, Beale Street. You can eat at a restaurant called Marlow's and get the free pink limo into town. Wow, lots to do AFTER the repair job!! Maybe if it is too expensive it will be a free, all-expenses tour of the local McDonald's!!
Thought for the Day: In the words of Elvis...."Thank you, thank you very much" 


  1. Have fun. Graceland is expensive...but almost worth it. Almost.

  2. Better safe then sorry if you have bad tie rods it could be disastrous!
    Amazing how long travel days change the way you think.
    Enjoy the visit to Graceland.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.