Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sugarloaf Key FL to Miami FL (137 Miles)

First off, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our nephew, Justin Tamas. He is studying hard at university and we are proud of his accomplishments. Keep up the good work!!

This is the end (or beginning) of US Hwy 1. You can not
go any further south. Next stop after this is Cuba, 90 miles away!!

We drove back into Key West today for a few errands and our special photo-op above for Justin and to get good, old Euri in a few pictures. Even if it was just the corner of his nose. Parking is a nightmare!! Then it was off the Keys. We were a bit sad as we have really enjoyed our time in the town of Key West.

Here is that "official" marker. The southern 
most part of the continental U.S.A.

We tried stopping at the Sea Turtle Center. Totally
run by volunteers. All the tours were sold out today. Apparently
you should have reservations....They do lots of great work.
Guess we will have to "Google" it to find out more!!
Miles of this northbound on US Hwy 1
Just beautiful blue water......

Well, we are "sort of" in Miami. We are in the southern most part of what is called Miami. Likely we will only stay here one night. We want to get into Miami (South Beachy type of area) to at least be able to spend the day and walk around on the boardwalk. Doug read something on the internet saying how nice it was but warning parents (?) about the sex, drugs and scantily clad women. I almost had to hold Doug back from heading up there tonight!! We will check things out for you all.

Meanwhile, this is our camp for tonight. The park we are at tonight is called Miami Everglades Park. Very nice (especially after the KOA experience). As always, Florida is pretty expensive. It is what you expect for America's winter haven........$49.50 per night. Yup, we will move on and hope for cheaper things. Our personal favourite places to stay are the state parks. Such a better option but here in Florida, the are mostly booked out 11 months in advance!! Since we can't boondock anywhere with no toilet and no solar panels on board, we are a bit stuck with the prices. We had a suggestion of the state forests or county parks in the interior of Florida but there aren't any down in this area or anywhere even close to the beaches. Those would be okay for us for one night because, in the heat, we will just run our fridge out on the house battery in one day. Pit toilets are fine, we don't mind them. We will check out for more economical ones further north. This isn't exactly a "private resort", just a trailer park, along with it's usual variety of colourful characters!! But, somehow, I always try and make the pictures look good!!
Just one little person swimming in this beautiful pool!!
This picture is for my sister, Susann and niece, Lacey. They are the queens of kitchy lighting in the yard and around their decks. We thought this guy may just have raised the bar a little high, even for them. Doug calls him the Clark Griswold of this park!!
So, we will see what tomorrow brings. Pretty sure we will be out of here and onto closer to Miami. Stay tuned!!


  1. We spent the last two nights at Miami Everglades Park on Site 253. They have a measured 1 mile loop around the park for walking and cycling.
    Kathy chuckled and thought you were following us but I think Doug said you wanted to do the Atlantic side going north.
    Even though we had great scenery to look at on our trip this park is nothing to write home about.
    Be Safe, Enjoy your adventure and maybe someday we'll see one another again somewhere down the road.

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Doug and Nancy:
    I'm so behind on posting and following - of course, all kinds of family things going on. I'll catch up and have more to comment on. I love your photos and hate that some places are so expensive. My last night on the road I paid $49.50 + $2 for Lacy and I was miffed - in Manteca!!!!!!! What in the h***'s so great there that they can charge that amount. I was tempted to drive on to "home" the extra 80 miles, but thought I was too tired. Geeezz!

  3. Bet you'll find some "scantily clad" men on South Beach for you to check out too, Nancy.

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