Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sugarloaf Key (Day 4)

Dusted ourselves off and headed into Key West again. So much fun to just ride the bus and walk around the town. We love people watching!!

We walked all over the docks and marinas today. Doug especially loves to look at the boats so we were "boat critics" today....

One of the big Holland America cruise ships was at dock today.....





We visited the Turtle Museum. It is sad to think that how, just over 100 years ago, society's greed for green turtle product nearly wiped out the population of giant turtle. Such terrible pictures of them turned over on their backs, just awaiting slaughter. I could hardly look at it. They are such gentle, docile creatures. they learned the error of their ways and they are protected. Why must we, as humans, nearly ruin things by over-consumption and greed and then rush around "protecting" them. Can't we just not be greedy in the first place??? I guess the positive thing is that we all learn from this.....

Cans (empty) of turtle soup and turtle meat.....

Picture of the old turtle kraal, where they did the processing
having fallen in the water.....karma I guess!

Back outside and some fun signs.....

Fishermen were cutting up their catch and
the pelicans were not far behind....
The last recommended refreshment establishment by Uncle Alan & Auntie Mary!!!
Boy, did they EVER get around town!!!
Great duo at the Hog's Breath Saloon....



 We liked the trio of bikes parked out back - especially since
 they were the Malibu rum girls' bikes!!



Random guy who took our above picture. He then turned the camera
on himself .....I will have to do this when I take pictures of others too!!

Doug sports his new Malibu Rum sunglasses - which he wore ALL afternoon!!!
Yup, we aren't allowed back into Key West!!!!

Josh - cigar stores everywhere!!

Same church as yesterday but I liked the stormy sky.....

I am sure it is a different rooster. Man, they are EVERYWHERE!!!!

Mommy and baby - was this little baby ever loud!!
Notice the hand prints they are standing on, this was right under a car!!!

Bussing it back to the campground.....




So, funny story (again) we arrived back at camp. Since Wednesday, we have only had one family beside us. Today we are surrounded. Off to the passenger side, 2 feet from our awning, we have a very large and nice group from Columbia. They are here on vacation. They have 3 trucks (2 of which are parked RIGHT in front of the van - after they asked, of course), 3 tents, 10 people and 2 dogs. Then another family arrived behind us. They have 2 tents and also about 10 people. The van that is now beside us on the driver's side has a family of 4 from Miami. All three sides are speaking some form or another of Spanish at rapid fire speed. We feel like we are back in Mexico!!! It is complete and utter pandemonium and chaos. It's all good, just very chaotic. I do not have a picture yet tonight because I think we were in shock when they all arrived, en masse and started setting up. We have never been in a  camping situation like this before. It is quite an amazing experience and we are enjoying it!! I will definitely be getting pictures tomorrow.

The downside of this many people in this KOA is that they are severely under-equipped in the bathroom department. The main bathroom building is under renovations. they have brought in two portable units, one for bathrooms and one for showers. This bathroom building, combined with the one by the pool have a total of 6 toilet stalls (for women and I am sure the same for the men). There are HUNDREDS of people in this campground and there are many, many who are utter slobs in these bathrooms. This is one VERY big downside to not having your own bathroom. I am going to guess that there are probably over one hundred tents here. Way overloaded. That doesn't even start to count the motorhomes, trailers, vans, etc. Likely will be our last KOA experience. We don't mind people making money, but this is ridiculous. Here is an example. We can fill our 5 gallon water container with pure, fresh drinking water at Wal-Mart or Wynn Dixie for about $1.40. Here at KOA it costs $1 per gallon so that means it's $5 to fill that same 5 gallon container (with the same type of filling machine.....) Sheesh!!!!!

Oh, and I have OVER 45 mosquito bites, Doug has about the same. All from teeny, tiny "no-see-um" type of mosquitoes. Most of them came from the last park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.....just thought I would throw that little info in for good measure!!


Thought for the Day: Each and everyone of you, please, on our behalf, enjoy your bathrooms, okay??!!


  1. You guys were really busy yesterday.
    Looks like you even saw some of Key West that we missed.
    The Turtle Hospital was really an eye opener and like you said it is sad that we as society live by hindsight rather than foresight.
    We saw all the campers back there but didn't even look at the few washrooms they had for you. Maybe a small travel trailer with you own washroom is coming for the future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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