Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sugarloaf Key (Day 2)

We got ourselves all settled here at the KOA. It's not bad really. If it fills up like the front desk staff say it will, THEN it will really be crowded. As it was, yesterday we had a family come in beside us with two tents. their "main" tent is about one Costco parking spot away (maybe closer....) Oh well. We knew it might be like this in this popular area.

Headed into Key West today. We opted to take the city bus. We walked about 3 blocks out to the highway. Unfortunately the bus ran about 35 minutes late (island time I guess) but it was only $4 per person. It is always interesting to take city transit. Let's you see areas you might not otherwise see. We enjoy them.

Spent a bit of time wandering around and then, as always happens, we got hungry and found a good looking street side restaurant and shared a plate of yummy nachos.

Here is the basic overall "walk-about"



 Kitchy Key West thing....there are roosters all over the place. Apparently, many years ago, the Cubans brought them in and they have stayed ever since. They are now a "protected" bird and cannot be hurt or killed. Although, these ones were right downtown, I think their chances of getting hurt might be fairly high with the traffic!!

Lunch spot.....


Nice downtown strolling area. Although there were cars
on this street, you could easily cross with no problem....
Something for everyone!!!


All the above pictures were taken walking down Duval Street, towards the Gulf of Mexico...
Pretty much right after the above shopping area. I love the pictures of houses....


We always have him in our back pocket!!
Love you, Gus!!!

The only thing separating our feet from the Gulf water
is a drop of about 2 feet off this pier!!
And the moment WE have all been waiting for!!! The southern most point of the
continental USA. Only 90 miles to Cuba from here. There was actually a line-up of about 30 people all waiting for their turn to be in front of this marker. I just stealthily got my camera ready and during a "changing of the posers" I snapped a picture. We are hoping to get back there before we leave with the van so we can even get a distant picture of Euri's nose with this marker in the background!! 

Never mind the biker gang from Germany behind us.
A nice fellow took our picture anyway. We weren't standing in "the line-up".
So, funny story and a little off-topic. While we were having lunch I slopped a big piece of the meat from the nachos on my skirt. Looking like a slob I carried on until we got to a drug store where I paid dearly for a stick of Tide Stain Remover. It did not work. Oh well. As we walked on a bit further I looked down at my purse that I bought in Bizbee AZ (...and that I LOVE....) and saw bird crap all over the front of it!!!!!!!!!! I was fairly annoyed (Doug says he had to leave the area), however, I had that handy stick of Tide (that, remember did NOTHING for the skirt stain) and went to work on my purse. more bird crap, not even a trace amount. What I did NOT notice (nor did my walking companion) is that I also had it all over the back of my arm!!! Sheesh!!!! No wonder people did not want to walk near me!! Sorry, off-topic I know. Now I will carry on with the day.....


Doug loved this gate.....


This is the way you KNOW you are at the crossroads in life!!

We were so busy looking at the lighthouse that we didn't notice
Ernest Hemingway's house, right on the other side of the street!!
We will have to go back and look for it next time....

We loved the neighbourhoods with the old houses and gardens....

The official place where the road ends....or begins.
It depends on how you look at it!!

I know the church is lovely, but notice the fun little golf cart car??
Uncle Alan & Auntie Mary told us that we had to go to this we did!!

After that, it was down to the Mallory Park area (boardwalk) to wait for the sun to set. Someone on the walk told us that this little island with the smoke coming off it WAS a camping island. Some campers there thought it would be funny to light their friends campsite on fire (duh....). This is the result. Basically, the entire island has now burned. Fire folks are watching it but are letting it run it's self out I guess. This happened, apparently, on Monday.   


 Majesty of the Seas was just pulling out....

Mobile mojito station!! Key West is like New Orleans in that
you can walk around with a drink. There was no one causing problems that we saw.

Bon Voyage....
Me and my new statue friend....

Another random, wild rooster....

There had to be a thousand or more people down here.
Pretty much as far as you could see, both directions, to watch the sunset. 



Loved the tall ship. It went back and forth across the sunset....

And then....poof, the sun was gone. Greatest thing was that a HUGE cheer went up from all the people out there. I guess the crowd gathers every night. Isn't it cool that every one cheers??!! 
We loved our day. that is our favourite time, just walking around and looking at the houses, etc. We chanced to see our new friends, Rick & Kathy Rousseau in town. They graciously offered to give us a ride back to the campground as they had driven their truck into town that day. REALLY appreciated that. Was nice not to have to get the bus back, which takes 1.5 hours for a 20 mile ride!! Thanks guys!!!
Friday we plan on just hanging out at the camp. Laundry calls and so does the pool. We will head into town again Saturday or Sunday for another walk around.
Thought for the Day: Be the type of person you want to meet!! 

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