Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Santa Rosa Beach FL (Day 5)

Hi everyone!! Here we are, again, at the Bad Ass Coffee Shop. Doug has done all the research (as usual) while I was getting my very unruly, long hair cut.

It is funny (sort of) to be in an area like this that is totally known for the warmth and see everyone (including us) running around with coats and hoodies on! Oh well, I am SURE that warmer weather is in our forecast....soon!!

So, we are now booked for the next little bit and the schedule goes something like this.....We are here at Grayton Beach S.P. until the morning of Friday March 7th. Then we leave here and follow Hwy 98 (coastal route (sort of) to Carrabelle and a private RV park, called Ho-Hum RV Park (I know, doesn't sound too inspiring does it, but looks nice on their site). From there it is 4 nights, from March 10th to March 14th near Cedar Key at Manatee Springs State Park. Looks super nice there. From there we are descending on my Uncle Al & Auntie Mary at Anna Maria Island for 2 nights. They are on a sun-quest from Marquette, MI. Really looking forward to spending 2 nights with them. We have also just booked 7 nights at Sugar Loaf Key (20 miles from Key West with a daily shuttle) from March 19th to 25th. REALLY looking forward to that too! We have just 2 nights between Anna Maria Island and Sugar Loaf Key that we have not committed anywhere quite yet. Sheesh!! That's a lot of phone calls, emails and research. Now, we just need to email to Mother Nature to confirm some more sun and warmth and we are all set!

Yesterday (Monday) we rode our bikes a couple miles up the road to a few small towns called Watercolor and Seaside. Super cute but also UBER over-planned communities. We liked them for their "prettiness" but they are way too "perfect" for our liking. Still, the riding trails were much appreciated. You could ride around here all day. I think, that for young families, it must be nice. Easy to train your kids about  bike riding when there are good bike trails....less worry!!

We think that most of these homes are holiday homes and rentals. There was hardly a soul around. But, they were decorated to the "nines". Perfect Martha Stewart type of porches and furniture. Someone at this campground told us that the average nightly rental for these "cottages" is about $400-600 per night!! Just slightly out of our budget and even if I could afford it, I am not sure I would want to stay here. Still, as I said, it is very pretty and seems VERY popular!!

Anyway, here is the grand tour:

Haven't had a foot shot for at least a day now!!







That's it for us! Talk to you all tomorrow!! Remember, we are reachable by cell phone if anyone wants us!!
Thought for the Day: The best wines are the ones we drink with friends....

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